Everything you need to know about self-healing

Self-healing is an internal mechanism in which healing of mind and body occurs as and when necessary unless we intervene. This natural healing can be accelerated by adequate sleep, a healthy lifestyle, meditation and breathing exercises.


Who doesn't want to enjoy good overall health? We all wish to have a sound mind and a sound body. However, it is because of our unaware nature towards our mistakes, we end up causing so much disruption in our mind and body that slowly, we invite numerous diseases and disorders. As soon as we notice an off-balance in our day-to-day health, we run to different practitioners to bring back stability in our health. However, we don't have to do that so frequently. Our body and mind are intelligent enough to discover what is wrong. Thus, the triggering stimulus that we experience in the form of bodily symptoms or mind-related issues is a sign that we have consumed something that does not agree with our mind and body. Once it sends the signals, our mind and body start the healing process. If we take a back seat and let the mind and body do their work, we see healing taking place. This article explains why we should give importance to self-healing and promote our overall health.

What is self-healing?

When we hear about self-healing, our mind thinks about the body's healing capability. However, natural healing is not just confined to the body. Our mind can also heal itself. We are nothing but a source of energy. When we understand that, we will tap into our power and become in tune with the energy, and our body, mind, emotions, and spiritual aspects start healing on their own. It is an automatic process. We all have noticed how our body takes care of itself. Whenever there is a physical injury, at least a minor one, where a medical emergency is not needed, our body tends to heal by itself. A small cut or bruise does not need medical treatment. Even if blood is oozing out of the certain cut, within a short time, bleeding stops and the clot is formed and within a few days, healing of that area takes place.

Sometimes we experience a stomach upset. We don't have to run for medical treatment for it. It is a sign that we might have eaten something that didn't agree with our bodies. All we can do is indulge in fasting or eat healthy and light and let the body do its magic. Within a few hours to a couple of days depending on how severe the condition is the digestive system gets on its track and everything will seem normal. Another commonly seen incident of self-healing is fever. Whenever a foreign body enters our system, the body raises its temperature. It does that to get rid of that entity or microorganism. If we let the body run through its mechanism, we will see that within a couple of days, the fever subsides and the cold, cough, stomach infection, headaches or other symptoms that we were suffering gets corrected on their own.

Why is it not popular nowadays?

Many of us have become impatient. We cannot afford to rest for a couple of days. We want the symptoms to subside at the earliest. Thus, as soon as we experience headaches or fever, we run to the pharmacy to get the medicines. Our home itself is not less than any pharmacy. We keep plenty of medicines so that any time the body experiences any of these symptoms, we can throw in a couple of drugs, and feel better. Self-healing seems time-consuming. We are aware that these symptoms will subside on their own if we allow our bodies to tackle the situation. However, we want to take everything into our hands. The reason is firstly we want quick results. Secondly, we do not want to suffer. No one wants to tolerate a high fever for a couple of days. Even if paracetamols are harming the body, we don't mind it because one paracetamol within a few minutes of intake will bring down the raging temperature, and then we can resume our work. This is what we prefer rather than self-healing.

Self-healing of the body

As discussed earlier, the healing of minor cuts, bruises, injury takes place easily and hardly requires any medical attention. Similarly, fever, digestive-related disorders, and mouth ulcers easily get relieved within a few days through the body's self-healing mechanism. Self-healing is not only effective in treating minor illnesses but can treat major diseases such as cancer. Life-threatening disease such as cancer is characterized by the formation of tumour in certain areas of the body. When a person listens to his body and makes up his mind to do anything and everything that will help him resolve this situation then the body goes into automatic mode and slowly but gradually start decreasing the size of tumour growth. Though the process is a little time-consuming the body is intelligent enough to do that gracefully. There are a few people who have resolved their chronic and acute conditions successfully and are living a very healthy lifestyle. For them, it is a process of knowing themselves and knowing their body and following a healthy routine that shapes their future. For others, it is merely a miracle.

Self-healing of the mind

99% of the diseases in the body are due to some sort of blockage that is caused in the mind. Negative traits representing negative belief patterns get manifested in the body in the form of diseases and disorders. Self-healing of the mind is a chance to open up to oneself. A chance that will enable an individual to dissect every thought and emotion. When a person understands what his thought patterns are, and why is he feeling the way he is feeling, there is a rise in consciousness. This is where the shift occurs. Now an individual will consciously create positive thoughts that will replace his negative thought pattern. Past belief systems will get replaced by newer ones. Childhood traumas, hurt, regret, grudges, and pain will also get released. The person will start feeling lighter. This inward journey of his will heal his mind, and all sorts of trauma within him make him feel lighter. A person will start coming out of his stress, anxiety, and depression relieving all sorts of anger, frustration, and guilt that he held on to for so long. Consequently, everything that he manifested in his physical health will also get healed automatically which will promote his overall health.

Who can benefit from natural healing methods?

Those who are suffering from some illnesses that are manifested in their body or mind should certainly take some time out and indulge in techniques that promote natural healing. Also, self-healing is not just confined to those who are already ill. It is a mechanism that can bring back an individual to the original state of health and also never let the health suffer. Thus, those who are healthy should also practice it at regular intervals so that they remain in optimal health. Body and mind heal on their own. However, it works wonders for those individuals who are highly motivated and looking forward to enjoying the process. The faith they have in the natural healing process itself will act as a driving mechanism that will create a big shift in them. Every day they will notice their state of health improving bit by bit and this will keep them motivated in a long run.

How can we promote it?

There are plenty of natural healing practices today widely available to us. Meditation is an efficient way to silence our mind and bring our attention to the present now which will bring healing to the mind as well as the body. Similarly, getting enough sleep helps the body and mind to repair themselves. Indulging in any kind of physical exercise is good. However, yoga and breathing exercises are particularly more efficient and promote rapid healing. A little me time can be very self-healing. Doing what pleases us can help us enjoy ourselves and take our attention away from everything bothering us. Me time of as little as 30 minutes can cause so much repair and accelerate the healing process. Another effective technique is to stop and check what we are feeling and why we are feeling the way we are feeling. Dwelling deep into our feelings and emotions can be healing in the true sense. Lastly, be grateful for everything and appreciate the beauty of little things.


Self-healing is the mind and body's coping mechanism. Any trauma, illnesses, diseases, or disorders that are manifested in the mind or body get corrected on their own. We often say that time is a healer but it is our systems that heal us and bring us back to our original state of health. Irrespective of whether we are suffering from illnesses or not, we can indulge in natural healing practices. Plenty of techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle can accelerate the process of self-healing. Rather than running to seek medical attention for every little suffering, it is wise to trust the inbuilt system. A little attention and faith in the process can bring marvellous results that seem like a miracle to many.


Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt11 Mar 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

In many instances body is its own doctor and cures the minor ailments. It is only when we have a severe infection or a serious disease then we have to go to the doctor and take the prescribed medicine or course of action as advised by the medical experts.
Body is a biological machine in which there are many biochemical and mechanical reactions going on. When the body finds any disorder or any problem at any place in it then it would try to rectify it by its own means and surprisingly body is successful many times in doing that. Only thing is we have to take some basic care and precautions when such a thing happens. We should avoid any unnecessary indulgence which way create problem in that situation. For example if we have a bad stomach we have to keep control on on our food intake. Another example is if we are suffering from cold then we have to avoid cold water and exposure to outside and take plenty of fluids and energy foods to provide the body energy to fight with the condition. We must give the body some time for self healing and if it does not happen then only go for medical advice.

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