Everything you need to know about alternative therapy

This article explains various alternative therapies such as alternative medicines, energy healing, meditation and many more that help an individual to restore original health. It does not belong to the mainstream. It is based on old customs and cultures.


With every passing year, there is an increase in the number and severity of diseases and disorders. Modern medicine is efficient enough to conduct extensive research and introduce new drugs and surgical procedures that cause an intervention and bring optimal health. Though lots of effort has been made, health is debilitating. After years of undergoing extensive treatments and medical support when patients do not see any improvement in their current health, they look for some alternative medicine or therapy. Some use it alongside their ongoing medical treatment to speed up their recovery. Thus, alternative therapy is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is like people coming back to their roots. It is because these therapies have existed since ancient times. They get lost for a decade or two and then again become popular when someone accidentally uses them and finds their benefits. This article explains in detail various alternative forms of medicine and therapies that have been in existence since ancient times.

What is alternative therapy?

Alternative therapy is based on old customs and cultures. From ancient times, our ancestors healed themselves using herbs and therapies. This therapy does not resonate with mainstream medicine based on facts and data. However, it is as effective as any modern medicine. The process of healing is slow because healing takes place naturally. The best thing about indulging in alternative therapy is that there are no side effects related to it. This form of therapy only proves effective to the seeker and never causes any ill effects on the health. Our ancestors believed that food is the cause of many illnesses and that food is the cure for restoring health. Thus, after analyzing the severity and cause of the disease or disorder, they would ask the ill person to stop eating certain foods and replace them with the ones that would speed up the recovery. Certain plants, foods, and herbs on regular intake show remarkable health improvement. They would use various techniques such as warm compress, cold compress, stretching the body in certain poses, acupressure, acupuncture, sunbathing, and massages to relieve the body of sickness. Thus, alternative therapy is nothing but the same old practices that our ancestors used and are prescribed to us to help us heal and rejuvenate.

Why is it becoming popular?

Firstly, it does not exert any negative side effects, unlike allopathic drugs. Every drug ever introduced even after conducting years of research in modern medicine departments exerts one or the other side effects on the body. A patient takes drugs to cure some illness or relieve the existing symptoms and ends up causing disruptions in various other organs of his body. Every drug comes with its own set of side effects that can hurt the kidneys, heart or respiratory system. When a patient takes these drugs for long-term illness, they end up doing so much damage to the body. Consequently, patients start looking for some alternative medicine which does not come up with so many side effects and does more good than bad. Alternative medicines and therapies are based on ancient science. The medicines are all-natural that are extracted from herbs, and certain foods, unlike allopathic drugs which are pure chemicals.

Secondly, alternative therapies are not that expensive when compared to surgical procedures. For example, surgical intervention done to get rid of tumour growth followed by chemotherapy and frequent visits for radiation along with follow-up after the treatment can put a hole into the pocket of even wealthy individuals. A middle-class family or those who are below the poverty line cannot even think of undergoing such expensive treatments. On the other hand, an alternative therapy is for everyone. It is the knowledge that we have to acquire of what to take and how to take it. Once an individual understands that one particular herb is beneficial for restoring health, he doesn't have to purchase that herb from that particular wellness centre. He can get it from anywhere at a lesser price and even can grow it within his garden. Once he learns the pressure points and massage technique, he can do it on his own. He does not have to frequently visit massage centres for treatment.

Some patients understand that allopathic treatments can be very harmful to the body but still, prefer to seek them because they produce instant results. Thus, to curb the side effects caused by these drugs and surgical procedures, they side by side indulge in alternative medicine so that they can seek treatment and still, save themselves from the ill effects of allopathic drugs and surgical procedures. Some of them return to their roots and choose alternative therapy because they find this form of treatment comforting and easy. Years of drug administration through different modes leave their body susceptible to various other infections and illnesses by weakening their immune system. Whatever may be the reason to choose alternative therapy, it has been existing since ancient times and will exist even in future because it is filled with goodness and that is what makes it more effective.

Alternative medicine

When it comes to alternative medicine, the very first thought that comes to mind is ayurvedic medicine. These medicines are based on the wisdom of Ayurveda. Now, ayurveda not only prescribes its patient's ayurvedic medicines that are made from herbs but also plans out the entire treatment plan for them. It advocates patients to follow an ayurvedic diet so that inner cleansing takes place as this diet is specifically planned based on the individual's health by laying special emphasis on vata, pitta and cough factors. Likewise, Chinese medicines are also very popular. Alternative medicine involves avoiding certain foods and drinks and following a strict diet plan. Eating the right foods in the right amount at right time offers lots of benefits. Drinking herbal teas may sound simple but is a kind of alternative medicine that does immense good to the body.

Alternative therapy indulging the mind and senses

We all are aware of the relationship between mind and body. If the mind is healthy, the body will enjoy its optimal health. Meditation is an effective therapy to achieve a healthy mind. When in meditation, thoughts slow down. Consequently, healing takes place. When the quantity of thoughts is reduced, the quality improves and this gets manifested in the body in the form of good physical health. Likewise, hypnosis is also another effective therapy that engages the mind. When the senses are involved to have a positive outlook, the body starts healing. Spending some time on hobbies which can be anything from painting to gardening and from trekking to dancing, helps a person to engage his senses in the right direction taking his mind off pain and suffering. When the mind is taken away from suffering, the suffering does not exist at all. It may be for as little as 30 minutes but in that particular duration, immense healing of the body takes place.

Alternative therapy involving the body

Massaging with herbal oils has proven to be beneficial for various diseases. Firstly, it relieves the pain and pressure, not only from the affected area but also from the entire body. Secondly, herbal oils penetrate through the skin and do an excellent job. Likewise, acupressure and acupuncture are the two therapies that are used worldwide. Targeting certain areas of the body by pressure and puncture relieves the pain and improves the functioning of vital organs of the body. Yoga is stretching the body by holding it for a duration in different poses. This kind of bodily movement allows the free flow of oxygen and blood to various body parts. Likewise, pranayama or breathing exercises do not allow many bodily movements but rather advocate concentrating and directing breath in a controlled manner. Illnesses occur when there is an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrient carrying blood to certain body parts. Yoga and pranayama are therefore beneficial and have become very popular throughout the world.

Energy healing

Reiki healing can be done in person or even distantly. Sometimes hands are used to transfer the healing energy to patients, and sometimes without touching, healing is done to the patient. We are nothing but a source of energy. When healing energy enters our aura, healing of our bodily ailments and mind-related trauma takes place. Illnesses occur when there is a blockage in the free flow of energy. Energy healing helps gets rid of these blockages and harmonizes the free flow of energy around us helping us heal mind, body and soul. Specific stones and crystals can be used for energy healing. Likewise breathing and visualizing is another type of energy healing known as quantum healing. The body's life force is known as prana. Using it to heal the energy is known as pranic healing. Qigong is a technique in which body movements are coordinated with breathing and meditation to achieve desired results. Alternative therapy like energy healing exist since ancient times and nowadays it is gaining popularity worldwide due to its effectiveness in healing several diseases and also in restoring optimal health.


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