Give back to nature: Protect the environment

This article explains simple yet effective ways to give back to nature and replenish her stores by living a fully conscious and aware lifestyle. Some methods are planting trees, reducing air pollution, saving water, and banning plastic usage.


We are a part of the ecosystem. We are a part of nature. We always have been and will always be. However, since we are highly evolved, we consider ourselves superior and interfere with the balance of nature. Our dictatorship has caused an imbalance in the ecosystem. We have always taken from the environment. If we keep on taking, it is obvious that resources will get empty, and everything will go off balance. We are responsible for everything, whether it is deforestation, soil erosion, pollution or global warming. Only a few people are aware and working towards giving back to nature. The majority of us don't know and don't care about replenishing it. We only know how to take and consume, but when it comes to giving back, we don't care. If we have to live a healthy life in a safe world, then we need to spend some time and make some effort to replenish what we have consumed. Thus, it is high time that we start giving back to nature. This article explains various simple ways by which we can give back to Mother Nature and replenish her stores again.

Simple ways to give back to Mother Nature

  • Plant trees-
    What can be simpler than this? We have caused deforestation as we wanted land for ourselves and wood for various reasons. A consequence of our deed is in front of us. We are witnessing before our eyes the outcome of our horrendous act. Today weather worldwide has become unpredictable. Winters are becoming nerve-racking, and summers are becoming unbearable. Thanks to global warming that the glaciers are melting, and the sea level is rising to a dangerous level. Apart from that, the increase in pollution, imbalance in the ecosystem, soil erosion, and decrease in underground water level is a few other factors to worry about.

    What if we planted more trees before deciding to chop a few? Wouldn't the scenario be something different today? Yes, surely it would be. However, it is not that late. Let's start with regularly planting trees. Let's make our garden greener every day. Let us bring some plants for our balcony. Let there be plants indoors to purify the air. Let us be a part of a workshop and regularly volunteer in planting trees in various parts of the town or city we reside. Let us teach the younger generation the importance of planting trees. Let us increase awareness and bring everyone together so that our collective efforts start repairing the damage we have caused to Mother Nature. Let us only gift plants to each other and make their special moments more special.

  • Reduce air pollution-
    Gone are the days when the entire family would travel in a single car. Public transportation was preferred over heading out alone in a personal vehicle. Today, even if we are going in the same direction, prefer to head out in our vehicle. As a result, we are increasing the pollution in the air. Poisonous gases coming out from the chimneys of factories are making it more difficult to breathe. Moreover, the gases coming out of refrigerators and air conditioners are not doing any good to the environment, but polluting it. When we smoke, we are not risking our health but emitting pollutants into the air.

    Let's make a few changes to our way of living. Our little efforts every day can shift the situation and bring a new era. If public transportation is available then let us use it. Though it can be a little inconvenient, we can accommodate ourselves and play a small role as volunteers or saviours of Mother Nature. If we are heading out in the same direction and to the same workplace, let us all drive together in a single car. Although all plants purify the air, some specific plants and trees reduce air pollution to great extent and purify it. Let us regularly plant them. We do not have to keep our refrigerators and air conditioners on throughout the day. Agreed that summers are unbearable now a day, but switching on air conditioners for some duration until the room is cool and then switching it off will do the trick. Also, using proper ventilation and storing fruits and vegetables in conventional ways outside should be practiced again. It will not only limit our usage of these appliances but will also cut down on our electricity bill.

  • Save water-
    Though approximately 70% of the earth is covered with water, only 3% of the water present on earth is fresh water. Only 1% of it can be used because the rest is present underground and is frozen in glaciers. More than 788 crores of the earth's population are dependent on this 1% for various purposes. Not only for drinking, but every industry uses it as no one wants to rust their expensive machinery with saline water. Despite knowing that we are living in scarcity, how many of us take special care to not waste precious water? How many of us waste around half a bucket of water by keeping the tap running while we brush our teeth and wash our faces? How many of us like to shower and let the water flow unnecessarily when that same amount of water could be used for the bathing of all family members?

    Past is past. If we try saving some water from today itself, we can save so many lives as people are dying of thirst in many parts of the world due to scarcity. All we have to do is change our habits. We should fill up mugs and use water to gargle and wash our hands or face. We will be saving lots of water because when we keep the tap running, lots of water flow down, and we are not even aware of it. Likewise, let's fill a bucket before drawing a bath. Occasionally showering for a limited time is okay but should not be done daily. Instead, use water from a bucket. Water the plants properly. If the water is coming out from holes and flowing down our balcony, it is waste. Wash the car using a bucket and not through a pipe connected to the water tap.

  • Avoid the usage of plastics-
    Plastic is a nightmare. It has gained so much popularity in recent years that all of a sudden, we cannot imagine our lives without it. Earlier, we were more than happy to carry the stuff in our handmade cloth bags or jute bag. Now a day, we don't prefer them anymore. Plastics have occupied every area of our life. Wherever our eyes go, we can find plastic in one form or the other. The worst part is that it cannot be destroyed. If it is burnt, it will remain in the air for many years and increase air pollution. It cannot be buried as it will not decompose easily. We keep using it and dumping it here and there without even thinking for a second that wherever we dump it, we are increasing the pollution in our environment.

    Let's get rid of this menace as much as possible and decrease its usage if complete elimination in certain areas is not feasible at this time. Why use water bottles or utensils or containers made of plastic? Why not go back to our roots? Use clay bottles that will keep water fresh and cold. Use clay, copper or stainless steel utensils. Why use straws unnecessarily? Drink it directly. Never ask for a straw. Pour the drink into a glass and then sip it. Why not carry our bags and never ask for carry bags made of plastic from the shopkeeper? Little changes that we consciously make from now onward will prevent us from buying more plastic and bringing it into our homes. The lesser we purchase, the better we are doing for the restoration of the health of Mother Earth.

  • Do volunteer work-
    We can sit there complaining and blaming different authorities for the inefficiency in their working patterns, or else, we can head out there and bring the change we want in the world. It is not one person's responsibility, and thus, instead of relying on somebody else, it is better to put in as much hard work and effort as possible. Let us pick the litter as and when we see it. Let us educate people to use garbage bins for the same purpose. Let us save animals and birds and build a safe place for them. Let us walk more and use bicycles, as this will send inspiration and a message to everyone that we don't have to rush everywhere in a hurry and that living authentically is possible. Let us plant more trees and grow to produce in our little gardens and balcony pots. Let us donate everything we don't need anymore, and let us purchase from others the things that we need instead of buying new from the shops. Little efforts that we put in to give back to Mother Nature help us save our environment.

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Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao17 Mar 2023 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

The author of the article made an attempt to bring awareness among the readers about the importance of protecting the environment. The methods mentioned are very simple and can be followed by all. The waste gases that are being left into the air by human beings are taken back by these trees and in return, they are giving oxygen, the fuel, for our survival So, planting some plants is a good initiative. When we arrange parties for kids' birthdays etc, we will have the habit of giving some return gift. This return gift can be a plant so that the receiver can plant and nurture the same. We did the same on the occasion of the 1st birthday of my elder granddaughter, we offered a plant to each guest and some of the guests told me that they planted them and growing well.

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