Simple ways to exercise your body

This article explains various effective ways to exercise the body to achieve good health. Some of them are walking as much as possible, playing with kids, dancing, using stairs instead of elevators, and enjoying what we like, for example, gardening.


We all know that our body needs exercise to remain fit and flexible. In absence of it, the body will become lethargic and stiff. We may eat very healthily but what is the use of all that food when the digestive system is not strong enough to extract nutrients from what we consume? What is the use of all those nutrients if the circulatory system is not that efficient to transport them in the required quantity to all the parts of the body? Now, why does this happen? Why are our body organs not working at their 100%? It is because they have not exercised enough. There has not been enough movement in the body. When we spend most of our time sitting in one place throughout the day and do not care to stretch our bodies and spare some time to exercise regularly, this is what happens. Now, most of us have this busy lifestyle where we find it difficult to take out some time from our daily routine exclusively devoted to exercising our bodies. Here is a solution to the problem of all such individuals. This article explains various ways we can exercise without feeling bored.

Simple yet effective ways to exercise body

  • Use stairs frequently-
    What can be a more easy way to exercise your body than using stairs frequently? Say no to elevators and yes to stairs. Though elevators can be time-saving, if health is the priority, it is better to skip them. Stairs may take a few minutes more but it will be a unique type of workout that we will indulge ourselves in. Whether going out to buy groceries or taking a quick break to get a cup of coffee in the building outside the office or else going shopping in a mall, try to use the stairs as much as possible. What happens when we use stairs often? When we are climbing down or moving upstairs quickly, our heart rate increases. Thus, it is a kind of cardio exercise that we are indulging ourselves in. Mainly, it strengthens the legs. Excess fat around the thighs gets reduced. If the purpose is to tone legs, climb up two stairs at a time and do it slowly.

  • Clean floors-
    Cleaning and mopping floors is a household chore. However, it is no less than an excellent workout, especially for abs. Irrespective of whether we use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust from our house, it requires engaging our core muscles. When we have to clean from underneath furniture, it requires a lot of effort, and that is where we can find a way to engage our core muscles to the maximum. Similarly, mopping the floor does the same trick. Cleaning and mopping also exercise arms and wrists. Thus, one who does not have time to exercise can use these means to strengthen their body. Once or twice a week, vacuum and mop the area underneath furniture and heavy objects so that core muscles get trained.

  • Micro movements-
    Little movements that seem so insignificant can offer a chance to exercise the body without sparing some time in the daily routine. Do not be lethargic all the time. Do not get the work done by others all the time. Instead of ordering coffee at the office table, catch a break of 5 minutes and go to the coffee machine and get coffee for yourself. How about after every hour, standing up for a couple of minutes and doing simple stretching exercises? Stretches do not mean that they have to be that weird that will catch everyone's attention in the office. It can be as simple as flexing and pointing the toes and opening and closing of palms. Why sit and attend calls? Why not walk while doing the same? It is an excellent way to exercise the body. Ever wondered that eyes and neck require exercise too? Why not take a break of 1-2 minutes every hour and make circular and anti-circular movements of the eyes and neck? Close and open your eyes and blink them a few times. That's it, eyes are ready to take pressure for the next couple of hours.

  • Walk as much as possible-
    How difficult can it be to grab every chance of walking so that the body remains fit and healthy? It is fine if walking from our home to the workplace is not feasible because it is at a very long distance. Why not, get down from the ride a few minutes before reaching the office? Park the vehicle a little further away. Try to catch a ride after walking for a few minutes. All these tricks offer an opportunity to walk the extra distance. Walking is the simplest way to exercise our body. The rest of the exercises and chores may seem like a task, but when it comes to walking, it seems easy as we do not feel tired while doing it. It is just that we do not indulge in this exercise as much as necessary. We don't have to spare some time for walking early in the morning or at night after finishing our dinner. We can go for it as and when we can find an opportunity to walk.

  • Go dancing-
    How about a little dance to cheer us up after a tiring day? We all listen to the music and lighten up the mood. Why not get up from the sofa and shake your body a little to liven up a little more? We don't have to be trained dancers to do that. We don't have to get the moves right. We don't have to copy the steps of the actor or performer. We just have to be who we are and let our body make movements the way it wants. It can be as simple as raising arms and making some movements. It can be moving in little circles. It can be slight hip and leg movements. Some may like salsa and others hip hop. Whatever the choice, the trick is to follow the heart and try to make body movements so that dancing becomes a means of exercising our body in an effortless way.

  • Gardening-
    Those who love gardening know that it requires lots of stamina, especially if they have a wide garden area or a balcony full of various species of plants. Gardening is not merely a hobby but a way of exercising our bodies. How so? Now, to get rid of those weeds, we must pull them out of the ground. Thanks to the activity our core muscles and hands get exercised. Lifting flower pots to areas where there is enough sunlight and back to the shade is no joke. Do it and you will not require dumbbells any more? Various activities such as watering the plants, weeding, ploughing, planting, trimming, walking, and lifting will engage various muscles of the body. By the end of 30 minutes of gardening, one can finish their 30 minutes of full body exercise.

  • Find a hobby-
    Is there something that we wanted to learn but could not? If so, then it is never too late. Find something that will enable us to learn that art form and serve as a means to exercise our body. Activities such as swimming, horse riding, rock climbing, hiking, trekking, dancing, skating and many more are fun to learn. If possible try to enrol in such work classes with family or friends. It serves as a motivation, and the question of skipping or quitting does not arrive. Sometimes we may know swimming. We might be swimming in our childhood, but as the years passed, we don't find enough time to spare some time for it. Why not join swimming clubs and try to bring out that hobby we enjoyed so much in childhood? Why give up on something that we dearly loved? It will not only bring childhood memories back but will also exercise our body and the best thing is exercise will not seem like a task. It will be more of a fun activity to indulge in.

  • Play with kids-
    Kids are a bundle of energy. To keep up with them is not a joke. Why not spend time with them doing what they enjoy which will not only strengthen the bond with them but will also enable our body to get some exercise? We have seen kids playing indoors making various movements with their toys in front of them. Why not be a part of their storyline and vivid imagination? It will not only exercise the body but will entertain the brain too. Take them to the park and play outdoor games with them. When they are playing with their friends, take a couple of rounds of the ground they are playing in. Go cycling with them. On the weekends, take them hiking or trekking. Take them to the nearest mall and rock climb with them. The trick is to indulge in physical activity as much as possible.


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