Simple tips to enhance mood and remain stress-free

This article explains various ways to boost mood in everyday life. Mood enhancers are not a solution. They only make a person addicted. Instead, exercise mind and body and practice laughter therapy to instantly uplift mood.


Life seems fun and easy when we are in good mood and are feeling good about everything around us. No matter how difficult circumstances are arriving in front of us, and no matter how much effort we put in to get our lives together, we will sail through everything smoothly when our mood is good. On the other hand, when we are stressed out and depressed, everything will seem like a heavy burden on our shoulders, even if everything is working out for us. Others may envy us for what we are and what we have, but we may not feel the same about our situation. It is all in the mind. Also, some people feel that it is not in our hands to liven up the mood. It depends on other people and circumstances that arrive in our lives. However, this is where we go wrong. We are solely responsible for how we feel. Blaming it on others means that we are giving our powers away. Whenever we feel lonely or depressed, we can get out of that mindset. We can once again feel happy and lively without doing much or putting in lots of effort. This article explains various simple tips that help in enhancing mood.

Tips to boost mood

  • Say no to mood enhancers-
    Many people turn to the usage of substances when they feel that the condition has gotten out of their hands. Initially, they may turn to these substances to seek some enjoyment, and soon they will get addicted to them. Initially, substance abuse may cheer up their mood to some extent, but it is only temporary. Mood enhancers can be anything from alcohol, and smoking to drug abuse. HealthCanal experts indicate that there are plenty of other things or habits which can temporarily boost mood, and that is why people are inclined towards them. Some of them are gambling, excessive inclination towards the internet and too much watching of television. As soon as one feels depressed one will switch on t.v. or go gambling or use alcohol to lighten up the mood. After some time, these things will fail to lighten up the mood. Instead, it will make a person more depressed and addicted.

  • Be in nature-
    We need to stop considering ourselves superior to nature, and instead of dominating it, we need to be in it as much as possible. It is because we are a part of our surroundings. Whenever feeling depressed, get grounded. Go water the plants, touch the leaves, and nurture them. Go and hug a tree. Take a walk in the park. Watch the sky full of stars. Adore how beautiful the moon shines in the sky. If on daily basis we spend some time in nature, we will never get depressed and will always be in a good mood. Make sure to wake up early and take a morning walk amidst the natural trail. Watch sunrise and sunset. On weekends, indulge in trekking, hiking, cycling, and swimming in nearby lakes. Go bird watching. Feel the breeze of cold winds on the face. These are all simple ways that hardly take a few seconds and without putting in much effort will instantly lighten up the mood. When we start our day fresh, we will feel fresh and light throughout the day.

  • Rest mind and body-
    Our busy schedule and unhealthy lifestyle do not allow us to get adequate sleep on daily basis. Some of us have to work till late at night hours. Some of us do not have a proper work schedule. Sometimes we free ourselves early, and sometimes the meetings run till late night hours. Thus, there is no fixed timetable to go to sleep or wake up. Some of us have 9 to 5 jobs but even then do not sleep at a fixed time because of the habit of late nights watching television or binge-watching shows on laptops or smartphones. When we fail to sleep for adequate hours, we do not get enough time to rest our bodies. It is the reason that we feel tired even after waking up. We want to sleep for some more time despite our alarm clock giving us a warning. Also, it is not just the body that rests when we sleep but also the mind relaxes and recharges. When we do not sleep for adequate hours, we feel tired, restless and fatigued throughout the day. We easily get irritated and stressed out with every little situation that comes in front of us. Thus, it is better to go to bed at the same time every day and sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.

  • Exercise mind and body-
    It can be as little as half an hour, but it is important to exercise our body daily. It is more beneficial if every day we find some interesting and new kinds of exercise so that we don't feel bored about exercising. One day we can do yoga and the next we can go cycling. One day we can do brisk walking, and the next day we can enjoy some weight lifting. Change of exercises and change of background always create excitement and uplift our mood instantly. As far as the mind is concerned, it also needs to be exercised. Solving puzzles, reading books, playing quizzes, and thinking deeply about a particular issue, all help to exercise the mind. Get creative as creativity exercises the mind. It can be painting, writing, gardening, sketching etc. When we exercise our mind and body, it not only uplifts our mood instantly but also does not leave any scope for depression to set in. Our mind and body become resilient to deal with various problems without stressing out about little things.

  • Laughter therapy is the best-
    We have heard a million times how laughter can instantly lift the mood. Also, it is infectious. A room full of people will come into the effect of this mood enhancer in no time, and the best thing about it is that it costs nothing. Whenever feeling low or depressed, remember something funny or say something funny to somebody. Or else watch a funny video. That will do the trick. Every morning spend some time, even if it is for 5 minutes, practising laughter therapy. It may look weird to people passing around, but it is the best activity a person can indulge in to keep depression at bay. A smile does the same magic. Smile as much as possible. Smile at every difficult situation that arrives. It is a way to signal to the mind that no matter how difficult a situation is, it can be sorted out. Smile at everyone and uplift everyone's mood. When we do it more often, we end up uplifting ours first because when we give something to someone, we are the first ones to receive it.

  • Help others-
    We spend the entire day doing things for ourselves, achieving our goals and fulfilling our desires. When we spend a few minutes of our day helping others, it benefits us more than we can ever imagine. The joy of giving is not hidden from anyone. We all have experienced it at some point in our lives. Giving does not mean helping someone with money or materials. Help can be anything. A lonely person who hears a few words from a person passing by will find those words a great help. A cat stuck in a tree will find it helping when someone tries to bring it down. A hungry dog will find a piece of bread very helpful. Try to be a giver for at least 5 minutes a day. Practice at least one act of kindness on daily basis. It not only boosts mood but also makes us look at our life from a different perspective. We will feel how blessed we are when compared to others and thus, we will learn to be thankful for all the good things that we are blessed with in our lives.

  • Remain positive-
    The key to a good mood is to always think positively. Nothing might be working out for us, but we have to have a positive mindset. It is only then we will focus on the solution rather than the problem. When we consciously create only positive thoughts, it becomes a part of our personality. We will keep our mood light throughout the day. When we think negatively, we upset ourselves. Whenever we get upset or feel stressed out, immediately create a positive thought. If it seems difficult, read something positive. Watch a motivational video or hear a motivational speech. There will be instant spurge in positivity. When we think positively, we will remain in a good mood. When we think negatively, we feel anxious or depressed. Thus, as soon as a negative thought comes to mind, instantly replace it with a positive thought which will transform into a positive feeling. The more positivity we indulge in, the more our outlook towards the outside world will become positive. It means that we will always remain in a good mood and always have a positive outlook towards everything.


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