Top reasons to live a healthy lifestyle

This article explains various reasons to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it increase longevity but also provides good physical and mental strength.


Nowadays, lots of importance is given to living a healthy lifestyle. Yet, we are not able to follow it. We end up eating anything that amuses our palate. We are becoming lethargic and hardly taking out any time to exercise our bodies. We live a hectic lifestyle where we cannot find time for ourselves to calm down our minds and ease the stress we have created in the entire day. As a result, we are far from living a healthy lifestyle. Those who are religiously following healthy living are achieving numerous benefits. They understand that their body is the instrument that will help them operate in this world, and their mind is the computer that will guide them to do what they want to accomplish. When our physical or mental health is not in good condition, our overall health will deteriorate. In such cases, it will affect our productivity. It means we will not be able to deliver as efficiently as we desire, and consequently, the benefits we want to reap will also decrease. This article explains various reasons to promote healthy living.

Reasons to promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Prevent diseases and disorders
    Who wants to suffer from illnesses? Who wants to let the blood glucose and blood pressure fluctuate in their body for no reason? Who wants to easily get stressed and triggered at every little situation and conversation? These all happen when the body and mind are not in the best condition. When physical and mental health is not in good condition, disorders develop. Plenty of fluctuations caused in the mind and body invite various diseases. All this happens because of unnecessary stress created in the brain. It is because mental health is not in good condition. Negative thoughts get manifested in the body in the form of diseases and disorders. Apart from that, other causes such as unhealthy eating habits and living a sedentary lifestyle play equally important roles. Thus, it is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle so that our body and mind can remain in good condition. When physical and mental health is in good shape, diseases and disorders remain at bay.

  • It promotes longevity
    When diseases and disorders do not develop in the body and mind, we remain young for a long time. When we are in good shape, it is obvious that our life span will increase. Diseases damage the organs. Drugs prescribed in modern medicine can treat the symptoms, but they cause more damage to the body by causing various side effects. Thus, those who can keep their body free from such diseases for a long time will be blessed with a longer life span when compared with others who suffer early in their lives from life-threatening diseases. Those who exercise regularly and eat well balanced nutritious diet reap the benefits of good overall health. Those who smoke or indulge in other types of substance abuse suffer from various types of cancer and diseases. On the other hand, those who live a healthy lifestyle and stay away from addictions do not suffer from such illnesses.

  • Boost sense of accomplishment
    Healthy living is not a joke, at least not in today's world when everyone wants to follow an unhealthy pattern of living. Those who are inclined towards healthy living are living their lives with strict discipline. They eat healthily, exercise regularly and stay away from everything harmful to their health. Day after day, they follow their schedule without fail, and all this happens because of the discipline they have within them. Living a disciplined life is not everyone's piece of cake. They acquire it with strong willpower. Discipline only comes to those who have strong willpower. In absence of it, nothing is possible. If a person can change his way of living from an unhealthy to a healthy one using his willpower, he can use the same willpower to achieve anything in this world. Thus, a healthy lifestyle not only makes a person feel good about himself but also helps him discover the inner drive that he has within him that can be used to achieve success in various areas of his life.

  • Increase bank balance
    When a person lives a healthy lifestyle, he is eating healthy. He has cut down on all those processed and junk foods which means he is saving lots of money. Many of us associate healthy living with spending lots of money on fruits and vegetables. It is not valid thinking. Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices instead of the expensive varieties brought out from different areas of the country or imported from outside. Also, those who eat healthily will derive all their nutrients from their diet. They do not need to depend on expensive supplements which are again going to save lots of money. Those who live unhealthy lifestyles are easily going to fall sick due to low immunity and it is going to add up to their expenses. Unhealthy living makes the body prone to lots of diseases. Long-term medical treatments, surgical procedures, regular follow up's, alternative therapies and pharmaceutical bills are going to create a hole in the pocket. Those who live healthily not only keep themselves fit but also save lots of money for themselves.

  • Physical and mental strength
    Those who live a healthy lifestyle are physically fit and healthy. Throughout the day, they have enough strength to carry out their daily activities with sufficient energy levels. They do not feel tired and run out of their energy. They eat in the right amount and they eat the right foods. It is the reason they do not fall prey to fatigue. They feel energized and active throughout the day. Also, they have good mental strength. They are in a good mood due to sound mental health. They do not easily get stressed out and can deal with situations and people easily. They can maintain their cool and have enough resilience and willpower to deal with anything easily. Thus, those who live a healthy lifestyle are blessed with good physical as well as mental strength which results in their overall wellness.

  • Keeps weight under control
    Those who eat healthily and exercise regularly do not store excess calories in different parts of their body in the form of fat. They are slim and trim and look healthy. On the other hand, those who eat excess carbs and fatty foods store fat usually in the midsection. They have protruded bellies which takes away the esthetic appeal. Some of them store fat in the upper half of the body and the rest in the lower half. Thus, it becomes difficult to wear the clothes that they want. They have to carefully be selective in the type of outfits they have to wear to hide away that excess fat. Those who follow a healthy balanced diet and a strict exercise regime do not put on weight. Those who have a lethargic lifestyle will easily put on weight and invite lots of diseases. Sleeping for adequate hours is also a healthy living habit. Those who are prone to unhealthy living will not sleep for adequate hours in the nighttime and will fall asleep in the afternoon after finishing lunch. It will add to their obesity.

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy living is a necessary choice that one has to make in today's world. It is more necessary than ever because everything and everyone that surrounds us seems unhealthy. Thus, it is more than essential for us to protect ourselves amidst all of this madness. There was a time when healthy living was very natural. People did not have to deliberately do anything to maintain or restore their health. Eating a balanced diet, indulging the body in some type of physical exercise or work, following a sleep schedule, maintaining calmness and avoiding stress did not seem like a task to anyone. On the other hand, even if one plans to live a healthy lifestyle, it seems like a pretty tough task. So tough that within a few days or a week time, one gives up and comes back to their healthy living patterns.

The need of the hour is to not give up on our urges. We need to continue doing everything that we already do to fight against all those factors that are affecting our health in one or many ways. The need is to take proper actions and do everything that helps us achieve and maintain good physical and mental health. It can be concerning diet, exercise, meditation and sleeping habits. When we understand that it is a necessity and our choice then it becomes natural to us. If we feel that it is a measure that we are undertaking as there is no choice, it seems like a difficult task. The trick is how much willpower we have stored up. Thus, to live a healthy lifestyle, all we have to do is prepare a list of all the necessary changes we need to make and then follow each one of them with unshakeable determination.


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