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Learn how some entrepreneurs are successful

What makes an entrepreneur successful? After all, every entrepreneur starts small. They start with a few employees and then go on to become great. They become role models for their family members and even extended family relatives. Some lessons, drawn from Indian case studies, are sought to be discussed in this article.

How fresh graduates should start small businesses

India is a land of opportunities. Even those who do not have much of money can always start something on their own, with active involvement of their family members. Fresh graduates who ate unemployed should also start small businesses. Some ideas are discussed in this article.

Innovative motivation of housewives for entrepreneurship

Live sessions often teach us many lessons. We learn very simple but effective methods of communication. Since communication always needs to be customized, one-size-fits-all approaches never work. This article is an attempt to discuss how a school teacher motivated a group of housewives to take up entrepreneurship.

Importance of common sense economics for self-employed women

Since I now work with several groups, I was invited to teach the basics of Economics to a group of self employed women. All the participants were engaged in some small economic activity, but were not full time businesswomen. This article is related to the first-hand experience of the program.

How to learn Marketing Management from simple real-world experiences

There is a close link between what we see and the concepts. This is particularly true of concepts in Marketing Management. This article is an attempt to focus on some key concepts in Marketing Management, and how one can learn from real-life experiences in this vital field of Management, not only for BBA or MBA students but also for any reader.

A Few Steps You Need to Follow for GST Registration

Setting up a new business or the business is becoming big enough for you to need GST number? In this article, we discuss the steps to register your business for GST. Know the step by step procedure for GST registration.

Useful tips for shopping vegetables

We all agree that health is wealth. Staying healthy is the first thing to take care, failing which, all the other things become unfeasible. Whether we are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, all of us eat vegetables to stay healthy. To ensure that we stay hale and healthy, we should make sure that we choose only fresh vegetables. So how do you know if they are fresh or not? Here are the yardsticks to measure how healthy the vegetable is!

How to start a restaurant business in India

If you have an idea to start a business related to food industry, restaurant business is the best choice to shine in your career. Person with some basic knowledge of business, cooking interest, much engrossed in service industry and hospitality can handle this business successfully. The profit level in this business is very high but the risk factors are also there, so it is very necessary to follow certain steps before jumping into this dicey business.

Best tips on how to start a new company / business firm

In this article, I will explain how to start a new and successful business or enterprise without committing some ordinary mistakes at the start. This article also contains description of important tips and strategies which you should apply before starting any good and secure business firm.

General tips to enhance leadership qualities

Every leader whether elected or by natural means, possesses charisma that provides change and success. Based on this leadership starts with mentor ship, vision and concern.The most important characteristics of leadership are enthusiasm, dedication and charisma.

Best tips for a boss / team leader on staff management

In this article, I will explain how to do staff management for a boss or team leader. It will help a boss or team leader to establish a good conversation with his staff member. This tips should be followed with professional attitude while dealing with your staff or junior colleague who is working under you.

Important Things to Consider when Selecting a Rotary Rack Oven

Rotary Rack Oven is one of the essential bakery equipment needed for every bakery. It is also a type of oven, If you are looking to purchase the bakery equipment like Rotary Rack Oven read more about the important things to remember when selecting a Rotary Rack Oven.

Social Justice through AP Sub Plan

I have explained the details of AP Sub-Plan 2012 are the first in kind in the country to give social status to the SCs and STs through a special scheme allotted from the budget of the State. The necessity of this bill in the State and the main features in this Plan has been detailed in this article. The provisions for the safety of SCs/STs according to the articles of our constitutions are the part of this article.

Types and merits of Groups in organisations

This article gives information regarding groups in organizations. A group should be distinguished from a casual crowd. It should have characteristics of continued interaction, awareness of each other's presence and actually perceive themselves as a group. Formal groups have well defined structures while informal groups come up from people interacting for a period of time.

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