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The Lyrics To This One Song Everyone Loves

Greeting, every blogger, this is most likely the last time I will meet you, so I decided, why not end (probably end) the Age Of The Bloggers with some happy song lyrics?

Kratos' Heir- Part 2

This is just a short little piece that I will continue. The idea sprung from my head from playing video games, and then I started to explore and broaden my canvas. Did the main character's daughter really die? I splattered colour all over my mind, scribbled, erased and perfected. Now, it's time to step back and admire the work. Enjoy!

Kratos' Heir- Part 1

Greetings, readers. I'm back here to talk about another great thing that jolted me in grade 5. I immediately hunted all books that had any evidence of it, and read my heart out- Greek mythology.

Industrial Pollution is the hazzardous

Water is one of the most important resources without which no life would have been possible on earth. Water is needed everywhere, in every industry! Industrial pollution of water occurs when any foreign substances enter the water body, specifically from industries, and make changes in the environment.

Race for PM in India

In the following blog I am going to explain the topic Elections. The race for PM as a matter of fact. Rahul Ghandhi vs. Arvind Kejriwal vs. Narendra Modi. This is a battle of power because they have to win over a massive number of 10million hearts so they can be voted for. The following topics are as follows.

Marvellous world of books in Mumbai

This article provide details of types of books available for reading. More talking about the genres of these books good for reading purpose. So keep your interest intact and read more about books here.

How to Purchase and Sell Books

My last post was concerning the genre, thrill and validation of why books are so important. But how will you get engrossed in a book if you don't know what you're reading? Yes, I can feel some of you relating to that sentence. This post is all about how to select the right book and which book is plagiarized, and so on and so forth.

Music: The World Of Thrill

Musis always thrills everyone. Without music no one live smoothly. Music creates a real taste for living good life. This article would provide the jest of music in human life.

List of Fun places for kids in and around Mumbai

Mumbai has many recreation and weekend getaway places to go. As summer vacations are fast approaching, kids start lots of preparation for fun places to go. This article gives information regarding some of the fun places to visit.

The Social Network Is Growing Day by Day

This article is a short summary of the real big story of how and when Facebook came to be.The one thing more extraordinary than the website itself, is how it was made.The article addresses question such as-What makes Facebook addictive? AND How did it come to be?

Examination, Not Murder

This article is for anyone hyped up about the upcoming exams. It will soothe you, and at the same time instigate you to work harder than ever before. It was not written by a third person- but a person who has gone through the same problems and come through it alive. Exams have been stereotyped as scary- they're not! Learn from them, mold yourself into the perfect students. Best of luck!!

How to cheer up a sad friend ?

The article gives an idea and trick to sooth your friends when they are in sad condition. It will show you some quick tips to make them happy. Keep reading till end of the article.

General sport injuries and basic first aid

Many accidents among young people of school age occur at school on the way to and from school. Traffic safety is emphasized in the early years. The need among students is to remember to use the rules that they have learned. School accidents are seldom fatal, but many result in serious injury. Accidents may occur in classrooms, lunchroom, halls, shops, gymnasium, or on the school grounds. Students are the human elements that make these places safe or dangerous.

How to keep courtship alive

Marriage is a union of a man and a woman who comes together for the purpose of living together and co-exist together in love. This resource seeks to examine the ways to keep a relationship alive and the ultimate for marriage.

Aloe Vera; the wonderful plant

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant which contain high nutritive component, it is one of the most familiar and popular medicinal plant used by medical experts for the treatment and prevention of many disease and infections today. This resource seeks to examine the benefits of Aloe vera plant in relation to the health of man.

Nalasopara East Achole rationing office problems - Achole Division

This is so ridiculous that the government officials of Rationing office are not supportive and taking months and moths to transfer the ration cards of any division even if you have all authentic documents. This article give and focus on the problems of the same. Authorities please make some action on these issues.

What will you like to be, if you were a fruit in Mumbai?

Fruits are one of the best plants that man enjoyed since the creation of the earth till date. The reason is that fruits have in them some vital nutrients that can aid the growth and good health of man. So, what fruit or fruits are your favourite? Consider the usefulness of the fruit or fruits to your life and habits and look at your ability to influence your world in a good or bad way. This resource seeks to consider the value of fruits in proportion to our everyday life activities.

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