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    What preparations do you make when going for a pleasure trip?

    Do you make an extra effort to prepare for an enjoyable trip? Share your tips and suggestions for travelling.

    Due to the corona pandemic, people are hesitating to go out for travelling to other places but once the situation improves they would like to go to visit the long-cherished places. Whenever we go out we prepare for it so that we will not face any inconveniences during the travel or stay at other places. What precautions or preparations generally you adhere to while going on travel? Please share your ideas.
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    Just before Covid-19 our family visited Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. My daughter organized the trip and in a well planned way. At the last minute My son couldn't turn up with us as he got office work. We enjoyed the various tourist visiting places in Delhi, in Agra we visited beautiful Tajmahal and in Jaipur various ports and Hawamahal. We spend almost one week in visiting all these places. All hotels and tickets to visit important places booked online. For the first time I and my wife traveled in flight from Hyderabad to Delhi during this trip. Actually I visited Delhi and Agra 2-3 time during my job organization but going with the family is somewhat more thrilling.

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    Since one year I cancelled every trip due to corona virus. As govt has been announcing not to go outside if not necessary. If we go for trip then many things need to be taken care of. At first, our luggage should be light weight so that we can lift up it ourselves. We prefer to have less cash money. We do most of the transaction online as it is convenient for us. We never keep full cash at one place. We always try to sit at one place so that we could notice the need of member at journey time.

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