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    Consuming seasonal foods will keep us healthy

    These days we are all very health conscious and we try to be fit to the maximum possible extent. Many people go to yoga or exercises etc to keep themselves fit. Many Dieticians are making various Diet plans to us to keep us fit. We all know that food habits will play a very important role in our health aspect.

    We should change our food habits as per the season and as per our age and see that our health is maintained properly. Nature has given us many varieties of foods. Vegetables and fruits are very good for our health. The varieties of fruits we get will change from season to season. All people should consume seasonal foods without any hesitation. They will help us maintain our health properly. These fruits will give us all the required nutrients and will get digested easily. Old age people should go for more vegetables and fruits. Even sugar patients can also consume some varieties of fruits without any doubt.

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    A very useful post from Dr. Rao Sir. However, in this connection, I must state that nowadays in India, some vegetables and fruits have not remained seasonal. These vegetables are available throughout the year. As for example, I can site cauliflower and cabbage. In my younger days, cauliflower and cabbage were available only during winter. Now these two vegetables are available almost in every season. Similarly, bananas are also available in every season.
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