M.Sc. Examination Question Paper, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University,March-2011.

Are you looking for Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, M.Sc. Examination , March-2011 question papers. Here all the Following question papers of M.Sc. This question paper will help you to get an idea of what types questions Preparation require for nearest exam. All following question papers are downloadable, Just click on link and get papers in PDF format.

M.Sc. Examination, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Question Papers,March-2011.

-- M.Sc Part - I Examination --
S-2601 Inorganic Chemistry, Paper-I
S-2602 Inorganic Chemistry, Paper-II
S-2603 Chemistry (Physical Chemistry), Paper-III
S-2604 Chemistry (Instrumental & Chemical Analysis), Paper-IV
S-2606 Mathematical Methods in Physics
S-2607 Physics : Paper-412
S-2608 Physics (Measurement & Experimental Planning) : Paper-III
S-2609 General electronics : Paper-414
S-2616 Taxonomy, Virology & Cytology : Paper-414
S-2617 Molecular Biology : MB-102
S-2618 Microbial Physiology : MB-103
S-2619 Applied Environmental Microbiology : MB-104
S-2621 Advanced Cell Biology : BIO-101
S-2622 Genetics & Molecular Biology : BIOS-102
S-2623 General Physiology & Tissue Culture : 103
S-2624 Environmental Biology : BIO-104
S-2627 Botany (Bacteria, Phycology, mycology, Plant Pathology ) : Paper -401
S-2628 Botany : Paper -402
S-2629 Botany : Paper -403
S-2630 Botany : Paper -404
S-2632 Mathematics : Paper - 401
S-2633 Complex Analysis : Paper - 402
S-2634 Topology : Paper - 403
S-2635 Mathematics (Ordinary Differential Equations)
S-2636 Mathematics (Graph Theory)
S-2637 Mathematics (Fourier Analysis)
S-2646 Aquatic Resources & Their management : AQB-101
S-2647 Instrumentation & Research Methodology : AQB-102
S-2648 Aquatic Biology (AQB-103 Aquatic Microbiology)
S-2649 Aquatic Biology (AQB-104 Planktonology)
S-2665 MT-101 General Microbiology
S-2666 MT-102 General Immunology : Paper-II
S-2667 MT-103 General Biochemistry
S-2668 MT-104 Microbial Genetics
S-2669 MT-105 Enzymology
S-3482 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-I
S-3483 Organic Chemistry : Paper-II
S-3484 Chemistry : Paper-III
S-3485 Chemistry : Paper-IV
S-3771 Workshop Technology & Mechanism : Paper-I
S-3772 General Electronics : Paper-II
S-3773 INS-13 (Instrumentation) : Paper-III
S-3774 INS-114 Optical & Analytical Instrumentation : Paper-IV
SB-2701 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-I
SB-2702 Organic Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-2703 Chemistry : Paper-III
SB-2704 Chemistry (Recent trends in Chemistry) : Paper-IV
SB-2706 Physics (Quantum Mechanics-I) : Paper-PH-421
SB-2707 Physics (Solid State Physics) : PH-422
SB-2708 Physics (Classical Electrodynamics & Plasma Physics) : Paper-PH-423
SB-2709 Physics (Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming) : Paper-PH-424
SB-2716 MB-201 Molecular Microbial Physiology & Enzymology
SB-2717 MB-202 Advances in Recombinant DNA Technology
SB-2718 MB-203 Immunology & Immonotechnology
SB-2721 Bio-201 Biophysics & Instrumetation
SB-2722 Bios-202 Biochemistry
SB-2727 Botany (Viruses, Phycology, Mycology & Plant Pathology ) : Paper-501
SB-2728 Botany (Bryophyta, Pteridophyta including fossils ) : Paper-502
SB-2729 Botany : Paper-IV
SB-2729-N Botany : Paper-IV
SB-2730 Botany : Paper-III
SB-2732 Mathematics (Differential Geometry) : Paper-501
SB-2733 Mathematics (Functional Analysis)
SB-2734 Elements of Partial Differential Equations Paper-503
SB-2735 Mathematics (Discrete Structure)
SB-2736 Numerical Analysis, Paper-505
SB-2737 Mathematics (Functions of Complex variables), Paper-506
SB-2746 Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry & Feed Technology : AQB-201
SB-2749 Fish genetics & Biotechnology : AQB-204
SB-2765 Principles of Medical Microbiology : MT-201
SB-2766 Advance Immunology : MT-202
SB-2768 Medical Technology : MT-204
SB-3426 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-I
SB-3427 Organic Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-3428 Physical Chemistry : Paper-III
SB-3429 Chemistry(Instrumental Methods) : Paper-IV
SB-3430 Chemistry (Phjysical Chemistry) : Paper-III
SB-3431 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-I
SB-3432 Organic Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-3432 Organic Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-3433 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-IV
SB-3434 Organic Chemistry : Paper-IV
SB-3435 Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) : Paper-IV
SB-3436 Analytical Chemistry : Paper-IV
SB-3437 Physics (Classical mechanics & Electrodynamics): Paper-I
SB-3438 Physics (Quantum mechanics & General Electronics): Paper-II
SB-3439 Physics (Mathematical Methods in physics & Solid State Physics): Paper-III
SB-3441 Electronics (Quantum Mechematical, Mathematical & Computational Methods)
SB-3442 Electronics (Electromagnetic fields & waves, physics of electronic materials)
SB-3443 Electronics (Electronic Communication -1, Solid State Devices)
SB-3444 Electronics (Analog & Digital Circuit, Measurement & Instrumentation)
SB-3449 Real Analysis : Paper-401
SB-3450 Mathematics : Paper-402
SB-3451 Mathematics : Paper-403
SB-3452 Mathematics : Paper-404
SB-3453 Mathematics : Paper-405
SB-3454 Botany (Biology & Diversity of lower plants - Microbials, Algae,Fungi) : Paper-I
SB-3455 Botany (Biology & Diversity of lower plants - Bryophyta,Pteridohyta) : Paper-II
SB-3456 Botany (Taxonomy & Diversity of seed plants including fossils) : Paper-III
SB-3457 Botany (Plant Development & Reproduction) : Paper-IV
SB-3474 Medical Technology (Microbial Genetics): Paper-IV
SB-3486 Inorganic Chemistry: Paper-I
SB-3487 Organic Chemistry: Paper-II
SB-3488 Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) : Paper-III
SB-3489 Instrumental Methods : Paper-IV

-- M.Sc Part - II Examination --
SB-3501 Organic Chemistry (Natural & Advanced Organic Chemistry) : Paper-I
SB-3502 Industrial Chemicals & Industrial Analysis
SB-3503 Organic Chemistry : Paper-III
SB-3504 Organic Chemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) : Paper-III
SB-3505 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-I
SB-3506 Inorganic Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-3507 Inorganic Chemistry (Special Paper:Coordination Chemistry ) : Paper-III
SB-3508 Analytical Chemistry (Instrumental Methods of Analysis) : Paper-I
SB-3509 Analytical Chemistry (Instrumental Methods of Analysis) : Paper-II
SB-3510 Analytical Chemistry (Applied Analysis) : Paper-III
SB-3511 Physical Chemistry : Paper-I
SB-3512 Physical Chemistry : Paper-II
SB-3513 Physical Chemistry : Paper-III
SB-3514 Physics (Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming): Paper-I
SB-3515 Physics (Electronic Communication & Measurement & Instrumentation ): Paper-II
SB-3516 Physics (SPL:Material Science - I ): Paper-II
SB-3517 Physics (Specialization : Theoretical Physics ): Paper-II
SB-3518 Physics (SPL : Electronics-II ): Paper-III
SB-3519 Physics (SPL : Theoretical Physics ): Paper-III
SB-3520 Physics (SPL : Material Science-II): Paper-III
SB-3521 Electronics (Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics) : Paper-I
SB-3522 Electronics (Integrated Circuit & Integrated Circuit Technology) : Paper-II
SB-3523 Electronics (Microwave, C & CAD for Electronics) : Paper-III
SB-3524 Electronics (Communication Electronics - II & Microprocessor) : Paper-IV
SB-3525 Botany : Paper-V
SB-3526 Botany : Paper-VI
SB-3527 Botany : Paper-VII
SB-3528 Botany (Special) : Paper-VIII
SB-3530 Mathematics (Operator Theory) : Paper-501
SB-3531 Abstract Algebra
SB-3532 Mathematics (Advanced Linear Algebra)
SB-3533 Operation Research : 5003
SB-3535 Mathematics : Paper-5007
SB-3536 Mathematics (Computational Fluid Dynamics) : Paper-5021
SB-3537 Optimization - Technique : Paper-5004
SB-3538 Mathematics (Advance Integral Transform) : Paper-5006
SB-3539 Mathematics (Advanced Special Function) : Paper-5008
SB-3540 Mathematics (Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Software) : Paper-5022
SB-3548 Paper : V(M) : Advanced Cytology & Taxonomy of Microbes
SB-3551 Paper : VI (M) : Medical Microbiology & Immunology
SB-3560 Paper : VI, Microbial Physiology & Enzymology
SB-3561 Paper : VII, Biochemical Engineering & Fermentation Technology
SB-3562 Paper : VIII, Microbial Biotechnology
SB-3568 Paper : V, Instrumentation, Biostatistics & Labs. Management
SB-3569 Clinical Bacteriology
SB-3570 Clinical Biochemistry : Paper- VI
SB-3571 Medical Technology (Clinical Virology, Mycology, & Parasitology) : Paper- VII
SB-3573 Mathematics (Advanced Functional Analysis) : Paper- 501
SB-3574 Advanced Abstract Algebra
SB-3577 Mathematics (Special Function) : Paper - 5007
SB-3578 Mathematics (Advanced Special Functions) : Paper - 5008
SB-3581 Environmental Chemistry : Paper - I
SB-3581 Environmental Chemistry : Paper - I
SB-3582 Dyes and Drugs (Industrial Chemistry) : Paper - II
SB-3583 Petroleum & Polymers (Industrial Chemistry) : Paper - III
SB-3584 Industrial Chemistry (Chemistry in Industries) : Paper - I
SB-3585 Environmental Chemistry (Waste, Waste Management, Enviromental Biology ) : Paper - III
SB-3586 Environmental Chemistry (Water and Air Pollution and Analyses) : Paper - II (S.F)
SB-3587 Chemistry in Industry (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) : Paper - I
SB-3588 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Synthetic Drugs) : Paper - II
SB-3589 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Drug Metabolism, Pharmaceutical & Pharmacognosy) : Paper - III
SB-3590 : AM-201, Partial Differential Equaton
SB-3591 Mathematical Modeling of Dynamical Systems
SB-3592 Digital Image Processing & Discrete Time Signal Processing
SB-3595 Applied Mathematics : Paper - AM-205
SB-3596 Applied Mathematics : Paper - AM-206
SB-3619 Object Oriented Programming Methodology
SB-3646 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
SB-3651 Biophysics
SB-3652 Bio-Chemistry
SB-3653 Botany - IBT 103 & 203


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