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Difference between Blue Chip and Penny Stocks

What are Blue chip and Penny stocks? What is the difference between these stocks, which are better for the long and short term and what are the dangers involved in investing in Penny stocks? Get the answer to these and more here!

Protecting investment portfolio during reducing GDP and returning inflation

During the first quarterly of this present fiscal year, the GDP growth rate has been a mere 4.4 %. In the middle of this, the GDP-Credit ratio has reduced to 66 %. The current account deficit (CAD) of country is standing at dangerous level. The inflation crone has for once again has begun rearing its ugly head. Despite all the attempts to bridle inflation, RBI has raised its hand s in defeat. This article suggests means to secure your investments under this developing situation.

The correct mode of paying subsidies to the beneficiaries

This editorial advocates for closure of all the different heads of subsidies and pay it to the poor in single installment. Four main programs should be completely done away with. The government from this single step shall save 3.62 lac crores of rupees every year round after these schemes are closed down. This amount should be paid direct to the BPL cardholders.

Saving your personal finance in the heat of falling value of rupee

The break in over your saving and investment by the weakening rupee is intensifying by the day. Under the situation, you need to adopt double strategy on the front of your personal finance. The article suggests some ways and means of adopting the kind of strategy you should delve in to save your investment portfolio as the falling value of rupee would eat away your entire hard-earned money within no time.

India facing situations akin to financial emergency

PM has said there is nothing like the 1991 type of economic crises in India. However, this study stresses the crisis in 2013 is more serious than 1991. An emergency like situation seems developing due to the record fall of rupee. Economic system is not one sided. This is operated by the political system prevailing in a country. The government could not provide the political system for a liberalized economy as was expected of it resulting in an all round failures.

Rupee will spoil the joy of festivities this year

The impact of weak rupee shall be felt now on inflation. Prices would further escalate. The weakening rupee is bent on spoiling the joy of coming festivals says this write up. This would leave its trails on the cuisines to be cooked during the festivals including the electronic equipments.

The Cost we are paying for Luxurious life

This article is about how we destruct our environment in order to live a luxurious life. It critically examines, the various ways we pollute our environment with or without even knowing that. From this article, we can understand that we cannot ignore environmental preservation anymore.

Personal loans versus Secured loans

The loans are order of the day in todays world. The prices are soaring everywhere, so are the ambitions of todays generation which is possible if you start early by investing through loans. So in this article,I will explain the various loans options with their features in accordance with your financial needs. The interest rates, period of loan and amount of loan amount allowed under different loan options, in general, will be dealt with in detail.

Tamilnadu Government Education Loans Scholarship for BC and MBC Students

This article Tamilnadu Government Education Loans Scholarship for BC and MBC backward class and most backward class Students gives the details of Class 1 to 10 education loan, 11, 12, ITI, diploma, teacher training, graduate, post graduate research degree Ph.D, eligibility and application details are included.

Education loan in Bank of India in India, Tamilnadu

Bank of India offers attractive educational loan to the student who are continuing their higher education in colleges or universities in India or abroad. The norms of loan sanction is completely abide by the guidelines of Reserve bank of India. The bank follows an easy way to sanction the loan to the needy students.

Canara Bank education loan Scheme in Tamilnadu

Canara bank offers educational loan to student pursuing higher education in the colleges or universities of India or abroad. Those who want to seek admission in graduation, post graduation or any other training oriented courses can apply for the educational loan in canara bank. The bank may review the application bounded to certain rules and regulation to sanction the loan.

Details, terms and condition of education loan in Indian Bank

The India Bank offers educational loan to eligible students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in India or abroad. The bank follows all the required terms and condition laid by the Reserve bank of India. They follow some easy procedures to provide the said loan to the needy students.

Complete details of SBI career loan scheme in Tamilnadu

State bank of India provides three types of education loan to the students who want to pursue their higher studies. SBI student loan which meant for higher education, SBI career loan which meant for training courses, SBI education plus which meant for distance education courses.

Complete details of SBI education plus loan in Tamilnadu

The SBI education plus loan is specially meant for those who are willing to continue their higher education through distance education courses or part-time courses. The loan is sanctioned to the employees of state government, central government or private firms etc.

Tamilnadu Education Loan

This article is about Tamilnadu Education Loan,Aim of education loan,Eligibility Criteria to Get Tamilnadu Education Loan,Eligibility Criteria to pursue Studies in India, Eligibility Criteria to pursue Studies in Aboard ,What is the student eligibility to get Education Loan etc.

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