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Top reasons why travelling is a fascination to many

Travelling is an experience which varies from one person to another. The journey teaches us how to live in the present, with a perfect sync between mind and body. It helps us to achieve good overall health and a stress-free life.

How to pack smartly and travel light

This article explains the importance of travelling light. Packing smartly is packing lightly. Everything has to be planned before heading out on a trip, from preparing a list of all the essential items to choosing the proper size luggage bags.

How to plan a Pleasure and Spiritual trip to Tamil Nadu-1

There are many hidden treasures in Tamil Nadu and it has a fabulous record of attracting tourists. This article is the first in a series of articles, meant to enable the reader to get an accurate detail of the ways in which one can combine spiritual tours with a little bit of pleasure to the hot spots of beauty and tourist interest in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Coonoor Tourism, A Travel Guide to Coonoor

This article gives you complete details about the tourist spot Coonoor in Tamilnadu. In this article you get to know the details about the places of interest in Coonoor, the best hotels for accommodation and much more details about Tamilnadu’s Tourist place Coonoor.

Simple safety tips for Holi festival

Holi is at the peak, and our markets are full with colors and various kind of attractive products, but remember these products can be harmful to you and your family. So prepare well before playing Holi, follow few simple Holi safety tips and enjoy Holi peacefully. In this article I have included some of these simple safety tips which can help us a lot to avoid any kind of mishaps during the Holi festival.

How to visit Sholinghur and Tiruthani temples from Chennai

Sholinghur and Tiruthani are two places that are not so far away from each other, with exactly 28 kilometers separating them. A visit to these two places from Chennai can be organized with just one overnight stay at either place. This article is an attempt at describing how to get this done.

How to plan a Pleasure and Spiritual trip to Tamil Nadu-2

This is the second article in the series of articles, that would help any reader plan a trip to several tourist spots and to the magnificent temples that are there in various parts of the State of Tamil Nadu. In this article, we will discuss plans to Tirunelveli and the surrounding areas.

Travelling Barkot, Uttarakhand

This article will help you to find every information about famous hill station Barkot situated in Uttarakhand like when to visit Barkot, places to see around Barkot etc.

Goalpara – an important travel destination of Assam

Goalpara has been one of the important tourist destinations of Assam. The place attracts tourists for its unique beauty, culture and tradition. The place is readily accessible by bus, train from across the country. Guwahati and New Bongaigaon connect Goalpara from any parts of the country.

Travelling Problems in Mumbai

Mumbai is the main center of commerce and business in the country, and due to this very reason,the transport and security during a persons travelling schedule needs to be assured and taken care of. The issues related to the bus,train and other means of transport are quite a burden in the minds of the daily commuters in Mumbai.

Travel guide: Best beaches in Andhra Pradesh

If you want to visit the popular beaches of Andhra Pradesh and want to have information on the same, then go through this article wherein you can find a detailed information on the popular beaches of Andhra Pradesh.

Kutch Bhuj Mandvi Tour from Akshar travels

In this article of Gujarat tour package and this tour total nine to ten days for Kutch tour in gujarat. There ware many popular temple and beach in kutch, Bhuj, Mandvi and Ahmedabad. Day to Day following information this tour.

India Travel Mart Goa 2011

Here you can get the detailed information about the India Travel Mart Goa which is one of the upcoming events in Goa. Read the full article to know about the Events in Goa, Timings of the event and venue details of the India Travel Mart Goa.

Travel guide Karnal: Tourist places to visit in Karnal

This article describes the best tourist spots in the district of Karnal. Read to know to reach Karnal and the places you can visit in this beautiful place. Know the connectivity of Karnal from major cities of India and prepare your travel guide of Karnal with this article.

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