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Healthy food items are required for keeping a good health and a balanced diet is generally prescribeResource ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Jul 2021
We can ask the logo design from the members also and if one of that seems to be adequate and approveForum ResponsesUmesh Chandra Bhatt21 Jul 2021
What is the impact of social environment on the growth of an individual?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati21 Jul 2021
It's wonderful to be again a part of another sister site ISC. I also agree that I feel similar to ISForum ResponsesSwati Sharma21 Jul 2021
This is quite interesting, I remember my school days when my friend and I used to reach school shortForum ResponsesSwati Sharma21 Jul 2021
The author has rightly said that we should take special care in the rainy season. Although every newForum ResponsesSwati Sharma21 Jul 2021
That is correct. In rainy seasons chances of diseases spreading are high and we should take extra prForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Jul 2021
That is true. During my childhood, I was staying in a village. That village was having a panchayat oForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Jul 2021
When I opened this site I felt I entered to ISC only. As mentioned by the author the site is very siForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Jul 2021
A logo is a necessity these days. It gives an identity to the site. The logo should be created in suForum ResponsesDr N V Srinivasa Rao21 Jul 2021
Yes, this is a wonderful suggestion. Not just the design, but also the byline of a logo form the ideForum ResponsesVandana20 Jul 2021
What overview you got after going through Kambhampati20 Jul 2021
How about designing a logo for Social Village? ForumSankalan Bhattacharya15 Jul 2021
People are very much used to social networking these days but it's something different when you are Forum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya15 Jul 2021
Despite being comparatively cooler weather compared to the scorching summer heat, it is extremely crForum ResponsesJay14 Jul 2021
Yes, I completely agree. While during any season it is essential to avoid unhealthy food, during theForum ResponsesVandana14 Jul 2021
What is your mental image of a social village?ForumVandana14 Jul 2021
At present, due to their busy life, people are becoming very careless about their health and nutritiResource ResponsesSwati Sharma14 Jul 2021
Very nice recipe shared by the author. Biryani is a traditional recipe, which is made by mixing diffResource ResponsesSwati Sharma14 Jul 2021
We should be more health concious during rainy seasonForumSanchita Ranjan12 Jul 2021
Essential food items for woman to stay healthyResourcesNeha25 Jun 2021
Best Engineering colleges in indiaResourcessp862592610 May 2021
Future of real estate companies bright in KolkataResourcesambujaneotia10 May 2021
Recipe of Choco lava cake.Resourcessuvoneel141010 May 2021
The golden history of Bengal.ResourcesAbhi1234510 May 2021
Education need for everyone, Educate person need everyone's but why huge of them joblessResourcesSngazi10 May 2021
Enhance your Business through Excellent Website PromotionResourcessamuelgreg8210 May 2021
Get the Premium Quality Custom Law Enforcement Challenge CoinsResourcesfrankcurtis0410 May 2021
5 Reasons for Using Customized Lapel PinsResourcesfrankcurtis0410 May 2021
Get the Customized Fire Department Challenge Coins at Reasonable RatesResourcesfrankcurtis0410 May 2021
Buy Exceptional Employee Recognition Lapel Pins at Competitive PricesResourcesfrankcurtis0410 May 2021
Buffalo Cookware: Offering the Best Rice CookerResourcessamuelgreg8210 May 2021
West Bengal SSC TET 2015 examination online application date procedureResourcessubhajit_33310 May 2021
4 Luring Facts About Property In Kolkata You Should Be Aware OfResourcesPropertyIndia10 May 2021
Top 5 winter picnic spots in Nadia, west BengalResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
New Bengali movie Khiladi: Cast, crew, soundtracks, story and previewResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
New Bengali movie Rongbaaz: Cast, crew, story, soundtracks and previewResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
The Beniapukur 60 and 61 pally Sarbojanin Durgotsav, 2013, KolkataResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
See the best Durga Puja pandals in the central kolkataResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Upcoming Bengali new movie, Gondho: Cast, crew, plot, story and previewResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Tips to stay healthy during the Durga puja, 2013ResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Junput travel guide: Food, accommodation, attractions and activitiesResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
The Mission Hospital of Durgapur in West BengalResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Upcoming Bengali movie Jhumura: Cast, crew, plot, story and previewResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Weekend destination to Bankiput beach near KolkataResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Sundarban travel guide: The world's largest active delta mangrove forestResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Tourist spot in the Howrah district of West BengalResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Mallika Majumdar actress and TV anchor contestant of Bangla Bigg Boss - Profile, wiki and biographyResourcesggreat10 May 2021
Explore Science City in Calcutta, West BengalResourcesAjayaryan10 May 2021
Kais Kalim Naskar fitness trainer, contestant of Bangla Bigg Boss 1 - Profile, wiki and biographyResourcesggreat10 May 2021

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