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Roads ahead for Modi after becoming BJP's prime ministerial nominee

May be, some top leaders of BJP do not see eye to eye with the working style of Narendra Modi. However, this also is true that his admirers are not in less number. This article is throwing a glance over the paths of Modi in form of the claimant for the post of prime minister. There are no two opinions about Modi's popularity increasing by the day as people have started seeing in him a future savior.

Raja rani music review

Raja Rani is the latest Kollywood movie starring Arya, Jai, Nayanthara and Nazriya in lead roles. The movie is directed by Atlee and the tracks are composed by Young and stylish music director Gv Prakash Kumar. Could the tracks satisfy the hopes? Let us fond out an answer through this article.

Elections are not won on government schemes alone

No any political party in power could be defeated had it been possible to win elections with the help of government plans and projects. This article stresses elections are not fought by governments but by parties. The article further adds that the time of elections are like a double edged sword for the parties in power. Manmohan Singh, instead of bailing out his party has further sunk it deep down the ocean.

Double standard of our system is an open violation of natural law

Adopting double-dealings with general and high and mighty individuals violates the principle of law of nature. Several serious questions have cropped up after Asharam Bapu, for several weeks round, has been hogging the headlines. Question is not whether Bapu is an accused or innocent. The question goes far beyond this. That is, the implementation of the carrying of our justice system equally applicable to all. Something must be done in this direction before people loose their patience with administration.

Rakhi festival of Raksha Bandhan as a unique day for India

In this article, I will give you information about Rakhi festival in India. It is a festival of sacred bond between sister and brother. I have given some famous mythological characters doing same rituals in old times. I have mentioned about other festivals on this day, types of rakhis and gifts to be given on this holy festival.

Could 'National Food Security Bill (NFSB)' end malnutrition and hunger?

Food security bill ha been passed from Lok Sabha at such a time when 8 crore tonnage of food grains is stocked in government warehouses are coming and increasing number of hunger deaths agreements are coming to fore. Having been brought just before the general election, list of flaws and disagreements over this proposed bill is long. How much capacity this claim has in wiping out the hunger and malnutrition prevalent among the major chunk of India's populace forms the topic of this discussion.

Protecting investment portfolio during reducing GDP and returning inflation

During the first quarterly of this present fiscal year, the GDP growth rate has been a mere 4.4 %. In the middle of this, the GDP-Credit ratio has reduced to 66 %. The current account deficit (CAD) of country is standing at dangerous level. The inflation crone has for once again has begun rearing its ugly head. Despite all the attempts to bridle inflation, RBI has raised its hand s in defeat. This article suggests means to secure your investments under this developing situation.

The correct mode of paying subsidies to the beneficiaries

This editorial advocates for closure of all the different heads of subsidies and pay it to the poor in single installment. Four main programs should be completely done away with. The government from this single step shall save 3.62 lac crores of rupees every year round after these schemes are closed down. This amount should be paid direct to the BPL cardholders.

Rare tips to take care of various household needs

Home care is always close to everyone's heart. Those who know the tricks to take care of the things in the household are always admired and appreciated by others. Here are a few tips on home care that are much needed by everyone, but not known to many of them.

A serious question mark on the justice system

This article underlines the essence of changes to be made in crimes connected with minors. In turning children to crimes, no less responsible are the institutions like parents and schools. In addition, the political and parliamentary institutions are also equally to blame. Alongside finding out the correct reasons of heinous crimes committed by the minors, laws also should be amended according to times and circumstances.

Process of Socialization and its types

Right from infancy, no individual is transformed to a well mannered, cultured adult without the proper dosage of socialization. Well socialization, is a well known concept in sociology and psychology, wherein a person learns to conform to the norms of the group through learning and individualization. The languages and social interaction are the main agencies of socialization. This may seem to be a normal process, but an accurate transformation of a child to a well cultured man takes place through this proce

Fatcs related to Blood

Are you looking for information on Blood and its group? Then find Blood related Blood formation and rotation in human lives.

Seeking a bright career in the world of music

If you often begin humming on your most favorite song whenever you are in jovial mood and your feet automatically start dancing in rhythm with the tunes of a melodious song, you can mark your entry in the field of music. What are the options to chart out a shinning career open into this field in TV, films, stage shows and in form of talent hunts is what form the topic of discussion in this article.

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal will break the waist of Indian Mujahidin

Arrest of Yasin Bhatkal is a big success in the war against terrorism. However, this study says, instead of celebrating this achievement, we should find out what the plans of Pakistan are vis-a-vis India and the kind of strategy to be adopted by it in future. Nevertheless, to sum, arrest of Bhatkal could be said a enormous deed in a small picture.

Useful tips for shopping vegetables

We all agree that health is wealth. Staying healthy is the first thing to take care, failing which, all the other things become unfeasible. Whether we are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, all of us eat vegetables to stay healthy. To ensure that we stay hale and healthy, we should make sure that we choose only fresh vegetables. So how do you know if they are fresh or not? Here are the yardsticks to measure how healthy the vegetable is!

Delicious Rice Pudding made easy

This article explains a very easy method of preparing a mouth-watering dessert of Rice pudding for which you need not even spend much time standing with it during the course of preparation.

Water Therapy- A wonderful cleansing agent

Water Therapy is one of the traditional methods of maintainng health in its holistic way. Just as the flush in a toilet, cleanses or flushes the entire commode in a push of a button, similarly the water therapy has its own natural way of cleansing and flushing off our body toxins thereby helping to rejuvenate our body to its healthiest form.

Home treatments for Eye related diseases

This article will provide readers with ready information about all Home made treatments which one can easily use to heal Eye related diseases. Since these treatments are natural, they are completely safe and effective and easy to prepare as well and most importantly they have no side effects.

How to start a restaurant business in India

If you have an idea to start a business related to food industry, restaurant business is the best choice to shine in your career. Person with some basic knowledge of business, cooking interest, much engrossed in service industry and hospitality can handle this business successfully. The profit level in this business is very high but the risk factors are also there, so it is very necessary to follow certain steps before jumping into this dicey business.

Greater coordination needed in policies of different govt departments

This is quite surprising that instead of synchronization, different ministries are working at loggerheads, looking at one another not as compatriots but as competitors. They are always on the look out for usurping power, resources and influence. This article feels the greater thrusts on coordinated efforts are the need of the hour in the areas of food, energy, water and environment.

Some popular myths and realities of 3D TV

After HDTV and Smart TV, 3D TV in market is a new concept. 3D TV is an advanced technology, which are available in Plasma, LCD and LED range in the market. These are slowly catching up the market. This articles details the features of 3D TV and the things to pay attention to before purchasing the 3D TV.

India needs Narsimha Rao type of political leadership for economic reforms

During the course of this economic crisis, the article is feeling the necessity of the type of political direction of the type of Narsimha Rao for economic reforms in the present scenario. Rao had made the economic reform process possible in political form during such a turbulent time when his own party was heaping hurdles on his way in this big task.

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