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Top reasons why travelling is a fascination to many

Travelling is an experience which varies from one person to another. The journey teaches us how to live in the present, with a perfect sync between mind and body. It helps us to achieve good overall health and a stress-free life.

Understanding influences of highly polarized politics on children

One understands the environment as he or she sees it. If the family or someone in the family indulges in politics or is deeply involved with the political narrative of that party, the children start to watch that with great interest. Children fourteen years of age and above are often drawn into politics. This article seeks to analyze the negative influence of highly polarized politics on children.

Understanding why values, beliefs and attitudes are important in life

Every human being is a bundle of emotions and feelings. We as human beings also have several thoughts that keep coming into our mind over a long period of time. How these thought patterns leads to Beliefs and then to Values and then to Attitudes is indeed a very powerful process. This article is an attempt to focus on the basics of all these different, but inter-related variables in our lives.

Two powerful serials that have taken Television screens by storm in Tamil Nadu

Tamil is now emerging as a major language of communication. Many Tamil movies are being dubbed into Hindi and other major languages. Some directors are making a big difference in Tamil films. And now the time has come for Television serials to make the most profound impact. The visuals are so powerful, that even if one does not know the language, he can understand the story. This article is an attempt to discuss two recent powerful serials.

Understanding basics of three concepts of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a very important aspect of understanding why we behave in the way we do. Similarly, it applies to all human beings and to several situations. In this article, we will discuss the basics of Leadership, Motivation, and Perception, in some detail. Very common examples are given, to specifically make it a non-technical essay of basics.

Understanding the basics of Mutual Fund investments

Today, the world has changed for the better. We have a good deal of information on anything and the Mutual Fund investments are no exception. However, we need to understand the basics of these investments so that we can make informed decisions. This article is an attempt in this direction.

The role of significant others in upbringing of children

At a time when the entire urban population of India is caught up in the mad rat race, there is hardly any time for proper upbringing of children. We see harmful characteristic traits in children who are hardly ten years old. This is where the role of significant others comes into play. We need to understand the full implications of these significant other people in the upbringing of children.

The best ways to save small amounts of money

Since the new interest rates on deposits are quite good today, it is high time for everyone to take advantage of the present situation and take their savings to the maximum level. The middle class needs to focus on small savings and this can be done in a very systematic manner. Some ideas are discussed in this article.

Best savings and investment plans to get good returns

To be financially independent and have a peaceful life, money always matters and is essential for survival for each person irrespective of what s/he earns. Thus, financial management to save and invest is needlessly a basic thing in a person's life and in addition to the growth of the nation's economy. This article narrates the best savings and investment plans to get good returns.

Learn how some entrepreneurs are successful

What makes an entrepreneur successful? After all, every entrepreneur starts small. They start with a few employees and then go on to become great. They become role models for their family members and even extended family relatives. Some lessons, drawn from Indian case studies, are sought to be discussed in this article.

Understanding role of parents in providing value-based education to children

The need for value-based education is now more acute than ever before. Today, children are more vulnerable to the negative aspects of the most advanced technology. We hence need to understand the vital role of parents who need to chip in and provide the best value-based education to their children. Some ideas in this direction are sought to be discussed in this article.

How fresh graduates should start small businesses

India is a land of opportunities. Even those who do not have much of money can always start something on their own, with active involvement of their family members. Fresh graduates who ate unemployed should also start small businesses. Some ideas are discussed in this article.

Understanding how to develop a career with basic minimum qualifications

This article is meant to guide anyone to effective careers. Those who have passed the tenth standard from their State Board or the CBSE are often forced to take up some odd jobs, due to their family circumstances. However, even these people can develop to the greatest levels, through hard work and proper planning. This article is an attempt to discuss the possible avenues for such career planning.

How to enable a better understanding of different cultures between States in India

At the moment, while there is a huge wave of nationalism sweeping our country and many experts are talking about unity in diversity, there is still a big gap in understanding the food, culture, educational levels or even languages of different States in India. This article is an attempt at making some changes to enable greater understanding.

How to manifest the life of your dreams

This article explains how positive thinking and positive affirmations can bring a desirable outcome through manifestation. Lack attracts lack, and abundance attracts abundance. Setting the intention and then believing in it is the key to success.

Understanding why self-motivation is so important today

Life in India, and in any part of the world, has become very complex. The rich are always getting richer and the poor are always becoming poorer, day after day. There are too many complications in life. When we are aware of our own self and know our strengths and weaknesses, we can easily understand why self motivation becomes very important in this process. This article will seek to discuss some aspects of this process.

Drastic changes in the Transformation of Tamil movies in three decades

Tamil movies are famous all over the country and even those who do not understand the language see those. The trendsetters in some themes have been Tamil movies. However, the transformation of Tamil movies has been on certain lines. This article is an attempt to discuss these trends in transformation.

Review of the Tamil movie Vaarisu starring Vijay the Superstar

Vijay is a big draw in Tamil Nadu. He is just behind Rajnikant, who is slowly fading out. Vijay films are big super duper hits, even if they manage a 15-day run in many theatres around the world. The recent movie, Varisu, is a different movie. This article is a review of this movie.

How to visit Sholinghur and Tiruthani temples from Chennai

Sholinghur and Tiruthani are two places that are not so far away from each other, with exactly 28 kilometers separating them. A visit to these two places from Chennai can be organized with just one overnight stay at either place. This article is an attempt at describing how to get this done.

Importance of common sense economics for self-employed women

Since I now work with several groups, I was invited to teach the basics of Economics to a group of self employed women. All the participants were engaged in some small economic activity, but were not full time businesswomen. This article is related to the first-hand experience of the program.

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