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Do you know about the amazing medicinal values of fish

All over the world, dieticians recommend fish over red meat. Fish contains vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, good protein and other nutrients. The cholesterol content is much less compared to that of red meat. This article discusses the amazing medicinal properties of fish.

Essential food items for woman to stay healthy

The health of a woman today is very crucial as she is exploring new working areas and also managing her family with very little time for herself. Due to the busy schedule, woman gives very little priority to her health and that leads to many ailments like cancer, stress and depression making way into her life. This article tries to bring out some very essential food items that a woman must include in her diet to keep all the risks to her health at bay.

Could 'National Food Security Bill (NFSB)' end malnutrition and hunger?

Food security bill ha been passed from Lok Sabha at such a time when 8 crore tonnage of food grains is stocked in government warehouses are coming and increasing number of hunger deaths agreements are coming to fore. Having been brought just before the general election, list of flaws and disagreements over this proposed bill is long. How much capacity this claim has in wiping out the hunger and malnutrition prevalent among the major chunk of India's populace forms the topic of this discussion.

Fatcs related to Blood

Are you looking for information on Blood and its group? Then find Blood related Blood formation and rotation in human lives.

Water Therapy- A wonderful cleansing agent

Water Therapy is one of the traditional methods of maintainng health in its holistic way. Just as the flush in a toilet, cleanses or flushes the entire commode in a push of a button, similarly the water therapy has its own natural way of cleansing and flushing off our body toxins thereby helping to rejuvenate our body to its healthiest form.

Home treatments for Eye related diseases

This article will provide readers with ready information about all Home made treatments which one can easily use to heal Eye related diseases. Since these treatments are natural, they are completely safe and effective and easy to prepare as well and most importantly they have no side effects.

Useful tips to buy allopathic medicines

Buying allopathic medicines does not require any hard work from your side. Only a little bit of carefulness, patience, and understanding is enough to get the exact medicines you want to buy. This article describes about some of the useful tips to buy allopathic medicines. Besides, it also figures out how better understanding of the doctor's prescription helps either while buying medicines or taking the doses in the right quantities.

Best foods to eat while being pregnant

This is the information on importance and need of a healthy nutrition during pregnancy. I have listed some best pregnancy diet foods, which helps in growth and metabolic process of your baby. Pregnant ladies can include whole grain, eggs, salmon, yogurt, fruits and vegetables in their daily diet to improve the health status mother and fetus.

Best 6 Fast Acting Constipation Home Remedies

Constipation is the problem of difficulty in releasing the feces. This is a common problem for all age group people from small kids to adult. Constipation problem can be solved by doing some diet changes and exercises. I have given the details of best 6 fast acting constipation home remedies by using naturally available ingredients to get quick relief.

Hair Transplant and its cost in India

This is the information about hair transplant and its cost in India. In the present situation most of the people are bald. The number is more in male than female. There are many dermatological methods to grow hair in bald head. Hair transplant is the final method people choose after getting all hair growth treatment. This is a permanent solution for baldness problem.

Understanding Generic and Branded Medicines

Prescription drugs can become pricey, buying generic drugs can be the way to save money. This article will give the information about Generic and branded drugs. All the possible views are explained in this article.

Best fitness tips for you while working in office

In this article, I am providing you some best fitness tips and exercises while working in your office. This article contains few tips which should followed while doing your daily work for long hours on your office computer as it will prevent you from frequent problems of back pain, neck pain etc.

Tips on preventing dental problems caused due to hyper tension and depression

In this article, I will explain how to prevent dental problems and diseases caused by hyper tension and depression. Hyper tension and depression causes several diseases like heart problems, asthma, digestion problems etc. This article contains tips and preventive measures to deal with hyper tension and dental problems caused due to it.

SRM University associate fellow of industrial health course 2013-2014

Are you looking for latest educational notifications by SRM University for associate fellow of industrial health course 2013-2014? In this article we have provided all necessary details including No. of posts, eligibility criteria and online application form details. in intrested candidates can go through the details.

Healthy & Simple Recipe to Cook with Curry Leaves

This dish was prepared by our Grand ma's in olden days. It's a native receipe of TamilNadu. Now let's bring back this in our day-today life. Curry leaves is usually used as a fragrant at the end of all dishes. Here, it is used as a main dish which makes healthier because it contains lots of iron content that will increase one's hemoglobin. Curry leaves has rich iron content. It's very simple to cook and also easy to prepare by office goers. Those who ignore curry leaves which is added in sam

Tamilnadu Special Chutney Varieties, South Indian Chutnies and their Health Benefits

Are you looking for the methods to prepare different chutney varieties? Then this article will help you out to make excellent varieties of chutnies in an easy and simple method. Fed up of what to prepare in the morning for your main dish? Read this article and start preparing your favorite chutney and get to know their health benefits too.

How to make Healthy Kollu-Vegetable Soup

Here I had presented you with a healthy soup recipe with which you can maintain your diet and makes your body fit. Horse gram is a well known source in maintaining diet and making body trim. so, along with horse gram addition of vegetables makes it tastier and more healthier. Enjoy the recipe.

The BPOs good source of money: take care of your healthy mind.

The Business Process Out sources (BPO) has been very prosperous where only requisite ability is the high ranking spoken English tinged with foreign accent since the candidates have to deal with overseas clientele. The stint in the BPO industry is most enjoyable, since the money they receive is decent. The workload is so grave that takes toll on mental and physical hygiene of BPO employees. Read the inside story which has sweet as well sour.

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