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Biscuit Custard Pudding recipe

You must have had fruit salad with custard, plain custard pudding, and caramelized custard so many times. Now try this Biscuit Custard Pudding recipe which is so easy to prepare, light on the tummy and the pocket too.

Yummy and Tasty Egg Recipes

Egg is a common food source which is rich in protein. These proteins within eggs helps keep muscles working. The Eggs are a easily available all over the country. They can be readily added in healthy meals such as sandwiches and salads, but can also be used to make meals of themselves. In such a way, here I have detailed about the preparation of egg soup, which is a healthier one followed by the Tasty Egg Pulav which can be served later.

Let us celebrate festivals with fruit recipes.

This article has come with the recipes for those who are interested to celebrate festivals with their own recipes and these recipes are mostly for instant preparation and mainly focused on recipes which may use fruits to give special festive mood in both sweets as well as savouries.

Recipe : How To Prepare Pakoda - Pakoda is the best tea time snack of south india

In this article i am explaining the receipe of prepare pakoda using rice starch instead of commonly used water. Pakoda is the snack for kids and for relatives on sudden visit to home. It is healthy when we use rice strach than normal water as we get lot of vitimains through it. The best part of the recipe is it can be made in a very less time.

Semolina (Suzi) Dhokla Recipe

Dhokla is a very famous dish of Gujarat. It can be used in a main course food or taken as a snack. As it is prepared in steam so it takes very less oil. That is why it is very healthy. The dhokla recipe is very easy and simple.

Recipe for Christmas tree brownie cake

Christmas tree brownie cake is a wonderful Christmas treat that you can make at home. Your kids will love it. This cake is popular abroad and is in vogue during Christmas time. Let us discuss how you can make this cake at your home.

A recipe with drumstick leaves

This a very good recipe for the people who are suffering from cardiac problems, rheumatism, anemia etc. This recipe will be the correct solution to those people. This is a seasonal recipe as drumstick leaves are not available clean and fresh all the time. They will be available to cook in only the starting days of monsoon.

A recipe for making Rum and Chocolate Milkshake

In the season of summer always we want to drink some thing. If it is a chocolate drink then it is just wow. Here is a very very easy recipe for you when you have a craving for chocolate and want to get drunk at the same time. This Recipe requires less ingardients and very simple to make just by blending your favorite chocolate, milk and a little rum.

Recipe- How To Make Sweet Dosa With Jaggery

This recipe is also called as Sweet Dosa. This is little different from our regular dosas because we are using Jaggery in place of sugar to make our dosas sweet. Jaggery is very rich in Vitamins,Calcium, Iron & Minerals. This recipe is one of the tastiest & healthy item for Breakfast and also as the snacks in the evening.

Recipe of Rice Upma [Arisi Upma]

Recipe of RICE UPMA which is a good menu at all times be it breakfast or lunch or dinner. This is a perfect vegetarian food at home. The side dish can be anthing from sambar, chutney (Tomato or coconut) or Podi. The preparation is targeted for 1 or 2 adults.

How To Make Oats Dosa Recipe

In this article, I will explain how to make oats dosa recipe which is very healthy and good for diabetic patients due to its low carbohydrates when compared to rice. This recipe is very tasty and it can be prepared within 10 minutes.

Beetroot Pickle, For Tasty And Healthy - A Recipe

Here is a recipe to make beetroot pickle. Beetroot have a lots of vitamins to strengthen the human body. And the same power integrated in dates also. The two types of these items, making for mixed pickle will make the tasty one and good for the following food items like biriyani, rice, bread.

Recipe for Boti Seakh

This resource is about prepearing Boti Seakh. Boti Seakh is a very delicious non-veg dish. Its a very good dish for any occasion or party. In this article I am going to give the complete procedure & ingredients required to prepere Boti Seakh.

Recipe for Palak Paneer

This resource is about how to prepare Palak Paneer. Palak Paneer is a very delicious Indian curry. It is easy to cook and can be prapared for all occasions. I will explain the ingredients required & the procedure of making Palak Paneer in this article.

Some scrumptious recipes for your banquet

This expose details some yummy juicy recipes for your breakfast which you and your guests would feel delighted to be served with. This explains the method of making 'Bird's Nest', 'Manchurian, 'Corn Magic', and 'Peanut Roll' along with some recipes of some dessert items. Try it at your to find out the flavour of these appetizing stuffs.

Buttermilk Upma - Low calorie breakfast Recipe

Roasted upma rava combines especially with buttermilk.Almost any type of upma ravas like suji,semolina,broken wheat and rice rava can be used for this recipe.If you take any rava first roast them to golden color for easy mixing,cooking and for great taste.

Delicious Brinjal Sorrel Leaves Recipe

In this article I am going to post a delicious rayalaseema recipe which is a combination of Sorrel leaves (Gongura)and Brinjal. This dish is so sumptuous that once if your family members tastes this will ask you to prepare it again.

Cheese Rice rounds with Chocolate recipe

You must have tried the simple cheese balls recipe. This is something exotic which I tried making at home and it turned out to be very good. Children would love this recipe as it contains lot of chocolate and coconut. Also, it is very easy to make and is cooked within half an hour.

Recipe of Chinese Idli

You all must have eaten the traditional idli sambhar. Here is the recipe of idli but in chinese style. I tried making it and liked it. Hope you all also try it. Good for health as it includes lot of vegetables and is also low in calories.

Time saving easy Indian Microwave recipe - Aval Upma

Many without knowing what to do after purchasing the Microwave oven just use it for pre-heating. It remains as a show piece in many of the kitchens. To tell the truth even mine is one among that. I would like to share an easy recipe with you all which save time.

Recipe of delicious chena masala

"Chena Masala" is one of the best dish in north Indian family party's.In this article I am sharing a delicious recipe of "Chena Masala," this is also a very good option with Evening tea or coffee.It is a very good protein rich dish which is suitable for both vegetarian and non- vegetarian.

Recipe- How to prepare Egg puffs ?

This article is all about the preparation of Egg puffs which is favour for most of us. Many of us will buy outside to taste but few percents may tried at home. In this article, I am giving brief description for preparing egg puffs which you can try in your home itself within few steps.

Recipe for Onam special - Sweet Ada

Onam days Malayalees have their own variety foods.Varius combinations and various foods are prepared in this time. Ada is on of he food which is used to prepare and it will give to god as offering or Nivedya. The tasty,delicious, traditional Ada can prepare easily. This recipe will like everyone.

Sweet Rabri - Punjabi dessert recipe

Rabri is a sweet dish which is prepared from condensed milk. It is a Punjabi dessert and it is very much liked by North Indian people. It is served chilled and it is also eaten with Malpua, Jalebi and Imarti.

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