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How to plan a Pleasure and Spiritual trip to Tamil Nadu-2

This is the second article in the series of articles, that would help any reader plan a trip to several tourist spots and to the magnificent temples that are there in various parts of the State of Tamil Nadu. In this article, we will discuss plans to Tirunelveli and the surrounding areas.

How to plan a Pleasure and Spiritual trip to Tamil Nadu-1

There are many hidden treasures in Tamil Nadu and it has a fabulous record of attracting tourists. This article is the first in a series of articles, meant to enable the reader to get an accurate detail of the ways in which one can combine spiritual tours with a little bit of pleasure to the hot spots of beauty and tourist interest in the State of Tamil Nadu.

How yoga is important for us

Yoga is very important for a healthy life. Without it, getting a healthy mind and body is difficult. In this article, I am going to discuss the importance of yoga in life.

How to learn Marketing Management from simple real-world experiences

There is a close link between what we see and the concepts. This is particularly true of concepts in Marketing Management. This article is an attempt to focus on some key concepts in Marketing Management, and how one can learn from real-life experiences in this vital field of Management, not only for BBA or MBA students but also for any reader.

Restaurant Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the most advanced State in India in terms of urbanization. There is always a town not separated at a distance of more than thirty kilometers. There is a large service sector and one has to understand the dynamics of it to understand the massive opportunities that can open up in different sectors. This article would focus on vegetarian restaurants.

Seven reasons why you should take up a career as an airline pilot

The career of an airline pilot is literally a high flying one. It is a high profile job, where one gets to see the whole world at no cost to him or her. So in case you are tinkering with the idea of becoming a pilot, learn here seven good reasons why you should become an airline pilot and add wings to your career.

Innovative motivation of housewives for entrepreneurship

Live sessions often teach us many lessons. We learn very simple but effective methods of communication. Since communication always needs to be customized, one-size-fits-all approaches never work. This article is an attempt to discuss how a school teacher motivated a group of housewives to take up entrepreneurship.

How Do I Become Full Stack Web Developer

Full-stack developers with experience are one of the most highly paid resources in tech companies. Having knowledge of both backend and frontend can help you progress to a lead level quickly too. Know the steps you need to follow to become a full-stack developer.

How to keep in touch with long distance family members

Sometime it can be hard to maintain a smooth relation with our family member when they are in another state or country. Take a initiative with enthusiasm and zeal to connect with them. This article has few simple steps for staying in touch with them.

Difference between Blue Chip and Penny Stocks

What are Blue chip and Penny stocks? What is the difference between these stocks, which are better for the long and short term and what are the dangers involved in investing in Penny stocks? Get the answer to these and more here!

A Few Steps You Need to Follow for GST Registration

Setting up a new business or the business is becoming big enough for you to need GST number? In this article, we discuss the steps to register your business for GST. Know the step by step procedure for GST registration.

Sharabati Biryani Prize Winning Recipe

Everyone likes to participate in contest and win the prize. There are many opportunities comes in our way. However, few of us can achieve success in it. Similar kind of incident was happened with me. It was the cookery contest, where my team and I participated in Organization level competition and got the first prize in it. In this article I have mentioned my experience in the cookery contest.

Healthy Christmas Gooseberries Recipes

In this article I have shared the benefits of healthy gooseberries and some delicious recipes of gooseberries that you can make on this Christmas or for your new year party these recipes are gooseberry curry, gooseberry chutney, gooseberry pickle, gooseberry vegetable, gooseberry candy and gooseberry sweet pickle.

Celebrity chef recipes of Asian turkey & roast lamb

Eating everyday out for your favorite non-veg dishes may not be quite pocket-friendly. Especially on Christmas Eve, if you are looking for a perfect home feast, this resource brings you exclusive recipes of Asian turkey & roast lamb by celebrity chefs which you can easily prepare and savor or impress guests at home. The resource holds recipes of oven roasted Asian turkey by Chef Rahul Hajarnavis of Shiro & slow roast lamb with herbs by Britain's most popular celebrity Chef Nigel Slator.

Kids Lunch Box idea, tips and recipes

Are you worried about your kid's tiffin / lunch box? What to pack for lunch box? In this article, I have mentioned about kids lunch idea and recipes for the week, Like Monday Vegetable rice, Tuesday Bread poha or some dessert may be. Lets have a look to lunch ideas and recipes for the kids. Here I also mentioned five recipes for the week.

Recipes of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira from TN and Kerala

For the occasion of Thiruvadhirai/Thiruvadhira, unique recipes are made in Tamil Nadu as well as Kerala. This article is a combination of two being almost similar one with dessert and another with combination of vegetables. To know the preparation, please read on.

Sick room recipes

We should be careful about many things when we are sick for which we should be aware of some basic facts. Here I include some of the sick-room recipes like albumin water, arrowroot, bael drink, barley water, beef tea, blanc-mange, bread jelly, broth, cocoa, corn flour blanc mange, curds and whey, baked custard pudding, egg-flip, imperial drink, oatmeal drink, water gruel and white wine whey. Let us see how they are made.

Easy 4 minute microwave-Chocolate cake recipe for Christmas

In this article I am going to share my easy recipe for 'Chocolate Cake' made quickly in 4 minutes in a microwave. This is the double layered cake I made for the kids Christmas party at my home. It was an instant hit and tastes much better than the market one.

Broccoli recipes - My experience

If some one is interested in new varieties on recipes on Broccoli, here it is which speaks of my experience in preparing these recipes. This is good for health for cancer and heart diseases. It has nutritional value if it is boiled and is rich in vitamin C.

Carrot dishes (Kerala recipe)

Carrots are very cheaply available and are rich in Vitamin A too. Consumption of carrots help to improve our vision status of eye and helps to protect the skin from dryness. They are best if eaten raw and can be used in salads also. I am introducing some carrots dishes for you guys to check out. Other ingredients used in these dishes are also rich in vitamins and nutrients.

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